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We're with you all the way
Installation & service An installer from PhoneWatch will tailor your alarm system for your business requirements. When we're done, you get a briefing how everything works.
Customer Service & Support Whether you need help with your bill or need technical support, we have 24 hour/365 days customer and technical support with experts in the industry.
Alarm monitoring When your monitored alarm sensors activate, we’ll be on hand 24/7 with a guaranteed response to call your keyholders and the emergency services.
A businesses alarm that makes your life easier The PhoneWatch system is the only one of its kind in Ireland. It features the newest and best technology including motion sensors with cameras. This allows for visual verification of what is happening in your premises. Once the alarm system is triggered, experts at the PhoneWatch Alarm Receiving Centre will receive images from the sensors, allowing them to visually verify if there is a suspected break-in. In this instance, they will immediately dispatch the Gardaí.

See alarm system components 1-8 included as part of the standard pack.

Keep tabs on your companies with our PhoneWatch app With the PhoneWatch Alarm app you can see the current status of your alarm, when it was last switched off or on and you can even arm or disarm it all from the palm of your hand!

View the current status of your alarm in our alarm app and see a recent log of events. You can also turn your alarm on and off easily and monitor different user activity in the app.

When you install our app, you can choose within your phone settings to allow push notifications when your alarm status changes.
Built in cameras for visual verification Visual confirmation of a break-in through the use of motion sensors with cameras. Once triggered our Alarm Receiving Centre will know what is happening and will respond immediately, contacting keyholders and the emergency services.

PhoneWatch provide an alarm system and service which will give you the confidence you need that your security is managed by the best in Ireland, leaving you free to run your business
"We have a PhoneWatch alarm in four of our business premises. I have 100% confidence that I will receive a phone call within minutes of an alarm being activated and the Gardai will be dispatched. I sleep easy, knowing that my home and businesses are protected at all times” Pauline, Grafters Hair Company, Longford.
The difference is our service. A PhoneWatch monitored alarm means so much more than a non monitored alarm. You can relax knowing that we will instantly respond to your burglar alarm, protecting your business.
Keyholder alert When your monitored alarm sensors activate, we’ll be on hand 24/7 with a guaranteed response to call your keyholders and the emergency services.
Keep an eye on the temperature With the Phonewatch app, you can read the temperature in rooms containing a PIR cam, allowing you to keep a close eye on individual room temperatures!
Break-in Service Break-in emergency repairs to customer premises are covered. PhoneWatch will secure the house in the unlikely event of a genuine or attempted break in.
Wireless Components Our alarm systems are wireless alarms – installation is quick and easy. Includes sensors with built in motion cameras allowing visual confirmation of a break-in.
Pet features Always tell us if you have a cat or dog, so we can take into account their roaming habits. On the day of fitting notify your engineer and we will take this into account when fitting your alarm.
Emergency services 24 hour/365 days monitored security with emergency services dispatch. All emergency service call out charges from the fire services are also covered.
No need for a landline. No need for a landline. All systems are monitored over GSM (the mobile phone network).
Technical Support 24 hour/365 days customer and technical support with our support team.
Service and maintenance System maintenance visits to service your alarm when required.
Local engineers We have engineers located throughout Ireland for service and maintenance of your alarm. Engineers are located nationwide for installation of your alarm.
PhoneWatch - Your safety. Our passion.