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Role of keyholders & verification word

Keyholders are nominated by you the homeowner. Keyholders are your friends, family and/or neighbours who are happy to attend your home or premises in the event of an alarm activation if your burglar alarm activates. These trusted users may be called to assist the emergency services if required.


Keyholders must:

  • Be nominated by you (minimum of two, maximum of four)
  • Be able to attend your property within 30 minutes of the alarm being activated
  • Understand how to operate the alarm system (from day of installation)
  • Know your verification word & your alarm user code
  • Be contactable by phone (landline or mobile)
  • Have the correct set of keys

Remember you can be your first keyholder by supplying your mobile phone number and/or your work number.

How can I change my keyholders?

To change your keyholders/verification word for your PhoneWatch Home Safety System you will need to contact us in writing by email/fax/post for the attention of the Administration Department. You must include the 1st and 3rd character of your existing verification word and your full account number.

Verification word

The verification word is chosen by the homeowner. In all instances where our alarm activates or there is an issue with your alarm and PhoneWatch contact you we will ask you for your verification word. This is a security measure which helps PhoneWatch confirm that we are dealing with genuine users of the alarm & verifies to us that the person we are communicating with are authorised to be at the home or premises. Therefore it is important that you choose a word that you & your chosen keyholders will remember e.g. a pet name.

Your verification word and when it will be asked:

  • When the alarm activates at the home (restores exempt), the verification word will be asked to ensure the person at the home/premises is authorised to be there
  • Confirmation of a false alarm won’t be accepted without correct verification word
  • Panic alarm activations will request correct verification word
  • Instructions on holding off on calling the Gardai or any other emergency services will require correct verification word
  • No information on the alarm activations or request to cancel emergency services will be provided without correct verification word
  • PhoneWatch Alarm Receiving Centre(ARC) will not give any details of alarm activation without correct verification word
  • Deletions of sensors or any programming over the phone will not be viable without correct verification word

If you have forgotten your verification word, you will need to:

  • Check with your keyholders to see what the verification word is
  • If you have an idea of what the verification word is (might be a familiar password you picked when you set up the account) call 1850 211 765 and we can verify if it is correct
  • Post in a copy of valid Photo ID (passport or driver’s license) along with a utility bill for the address where the burglar alarm is installed and we will call you within 24 hours of receiving same at the number we already have listed on the account
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