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CCTV systems are an important part of any home or business's security features. At PhoneWatch, our alarm system incorporates a state-of-the-art motion sensors with a camera component that is triggered by movement and temperature changes. We like to think of this feature as a smarter, more responsive version of your regular CCTV system, as it automatically captures images when needed, eliminating the potential for human error.

CCTV Systems -How Does It Work?

Our home alarm systems incorporate sophisticated motion-sensors with built-in cameras that react to temperature fluctuations caused by a person’s movement. While similar to CCTV systems, our system differs as instead of continuously recording through periods of inactivity where observation is likely to be inactive, the image-capturing only commences once the system is triggered. When triggered, a burst of sharp photos are sent to our round-the-clock monitoring team to analyse, who will then call the relevant parties as soon as possible so that whatever is happening can be effectively prevented or limited.
This key benefit means that instead of remaining unwatched for several hours after the incident, our team will be able to view and analyse images of the incident almost instantly. If the incident is deemed serious enough, emergency services will be alerted.
While the PhoneWatch system aims to deter potential burglars before they enter your home by providing a recognisable, multi-functional security platform monitored 24/7 by our surveillance team. However, in the event that thieves decide to continue with the burglary of your home, our alarm system’s built-in cameras will work hard to identify the intruders and notify the relevant parties as soon as possible.
Our surveillance system also helps to alert emergency services to any threat of fire in your home. Working in tandem with our smoke detectors, these cameras will dispatch live images to PhoneWatch technicians so they can alert the emergency services if required.
So if you’re interested in having one of our experienced technicians install an effective  alternative to CCTV kits in Ireland, please get in touch now for a quote. As part of the PhoneWatch package, you will also receive the full suite of home security devices – including smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors, door/window contacts, bellboxes, keytags, smoke detector and more. Our multi-functional home alarm system will give peace of mind for you and your family.
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