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Existing customer FAQ's

Questions and answers

Customer FAQ's
What are your guarantees and warranties?
There is a sytem lifetime warranty with our intruder alarm system. Battery replacement subject to terms & conditions.
Are you licensed by the PSA?
Yes, we are licensed by the Private Security Authority. Click here to view our license
I want to change my keyholders, what do I need to do?
To change your keyholders/verification word for your PhoneWatch security alarm you will need to either contact us in writing by email/fax/post for the attention of the Administration Department or call us on 1850 211 765. However we only take keyholder changes from the account holder. You must include the 1st and 3rd character of your existing verification word and your full account number.
What are your contact details?
Customer Support call: 1850 211 765
Email: customersupport@phonewatch.ie
Postal address:
Floors 3-5, Block 1
Irish Life Centre
Lower Abbey Street
Dublin 1
I have forgotten my verification word, what should I do?
    If you have forgotten your verification word, you will need to:
  • Check with your keyholders to see what the verification word is
  • If you have an idea of what the verification word is (might be a familiar password you picked when you set up the account) call 1850 211 765 and we can verify if it is correct
  • Post in a copy of valid Photo ID (passport or drivers license) along with a utility bill for the address where the burglar alarm is installed and we will call you within 24 hours of receiving same at the number we already have listed on the account
  • Call into reception with photo ID and we will issue you the verification word
What kind of a relationship do you have with An Garda Síochána?
Since the company was set up in 1991, we have built a very strong relationship with An Garda Síochána. We understand that their time is very precious and therefore work in line with their alarm response procedures in order to prevent the dispatch of false alarms. View Garda Policy on Monitored Intruder Alarms.
What is the difference between a verified and non verified alarm?
A verified alarm is a system which has been installed according to the standards of the new Garda Alarm Policy for Monitored Intruder Alarms. View Garda Policy on Monitored Intruder Alarms.
How many keyholders do I need to have?
You will need a minimum of two and a maximum of four keyholders. Landline and mobile numbers can each be included as separate keyholders and you can include yourself as a keyholder on a mobile or work number.
I don’t have a landline but I would like to connect to 24 hour alarm monitoring. Is this possible?
Our Home Safety System is monitored using GSM – over the mobile phone network, therefore does not require a landline.
If my phone service is with another company can I still have PhoneWatch?
Our Home Safety System is monitored using GSM – over the mobile phone network, therefore does not impact your landline.
If I move house, can I bring the alarm system with me?
We do offer the facility of de-installing and re-installing a system into your new home. However we do advise that you leave your alarm system in your old home as we offer a number of discounts to existing customers interested in installing an alarm system into their new home. Just call (01) 213 5271 to speak to one of our experienced sales team.
How does alarm monitoring work?
A monitored alarm means so much more than a non-monitored alarm, our monitored Home Safety System offers real peace of mind for you and your family. Once your alarm has been activated, your system will send a signal from the main control panel to our 24 hour Alarm Response Centre. When the signal is received, we will immediately verify that the alarm is genuine before notifying your keyholders and the emergency services. Find out more about alarm monitoring.
I have a pet and I am afraid it will set off the burglar alarm if I buy one but at the same time I would like to have my house alarmed. Do you have an alarm system that will suit me?
False alarms triggered by pets are caused mainly due to the pet passing the motion detector. We can configure the layout of your alarm system to ensure that false alarms are minimised. This can be discussed and managed on the day of install. Call us on (01) 213 5271 to find out more.

App FAQ's
Is my Iphone compatible?
IPhones and most smartphones (with the exception of Blackberry’s) can support the app, however if the app doesn’t seem to be compatible with your phone you can still log in using laptop or pc.
Where do I get my activation code?
This code will be given on the day of install by our engineer; you can also call into Customer support to retrieve it (1850 753 753).
I didn’t receive my activation email when setting up the app, how come?
This could be down to your email provider, check your spam, junk and other folders.
Can more than one person have the app?
Yes the app can be installed on more than one device, However it will be the same login and password that will be used. Only one person can be logged in to the app at one given time.
What do I do if I lost my password?
In order to reset your password you need to visit My pages, where you click lost your password and enter in your email address to retrieve your password.
What is the events tab in the app?
The events option allows you to see the alarm history and you will be able to view when the alarm was armed / disarmed.
What is the status tab in the app?
This will show the current status of the system, whether the panel is armed or dis-armed. This feature will also allow you to arm or disarm the system by clicking Arm / Disarm in the coloured box.
Can you view images on the app?
No, for security reasons customers do not have access to images on the app.
Do you have to be connected to Wi-Fi to use the app?
It is not necessary to be connected to Wi-Fi to use the app, If you have 3G/4G you can also access it.
Is there a charge for using the app?
The app is free to download and use for customers.
Can we change details on the app i.e. password, username, email?
If you log into your app and click into account you can change your details.
Can I use the app abroad?
You can use the app abroad on Wi-Fi for free or by using your 3g/4g, please be aware charge may occur from your phone provider as you are roaming.
When can I start using my app?
It can take up to 24hours after activation before the app is fully active.
Can I have more than one alarm on the app?
Yes there is an add panel option within the app.
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