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Smartphone App Setting up the App
Control your home alarm with our PhoneWatch App! Have you ever left home and wondered have you set your alarm? Well fear no more! Note: Our app is only available to use with our Home Safety (Honeywell) System, it is not available with our other alarm systems. Visit our app FAQ's for answers to common app questions.
Once youíve registered on My pages you can manage your app account. Just login with your username and password and you can:

  • Add or delete alarm panels from your account
  • Change account info; username, password, email etc
  • Remove mobile devices from your account
  • Access the app FAQs.
  • Disable app remotely (when phone gets lost or stolen)

Setting up the app:

This alarm app is designed for both the iPhone and Android; download it free at the App Store and Google Play.
Before you download the app you will need to set up an account for your alarm app. To set up an account follow the instructions below:

  • Click here to create a new account on My Pages
  • Enter your details
  • Choose a username and password for the account
  • You will then receive a confirmation email
  • Click the link on the confirmation email
  • Login using the details you have just set up
  • Once you arrive on the next screen, it will ask you for your app code. Your installer will have provided you with this code. Input it in the box provided. If you don't have your code call us on 1850 211 765, choose option 2 and we'll provide it to you again.
  • On the same screen, you will be asked to name your alarm system (the name can be anything you want e.g. pets name or your own name). It also then asks do you want to be able to arm/disarm app without a code. We do not recommend this but itís at your own discretion if you choose to use this.
  • Click Save. Once you click save/add new alarm system it takes 24 hours to register so you canít log in straight away, then after 24 hours you can download the app and log in as normal with your email address and password.
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