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Your safety. Our passion.
Instant response to your burglar, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Why PhoneWatch?

The PhoneWatch Home Safety System and service is the very best in the Irish market. We’re the biggest provider of home alarm systems in Ireland and we’ve been doing it for over 20 years. If there’s an intruder, our monitored alarm sensors have cameras to capture images and we’ll take the appropriate action instantly. If there’s smoke or a fire, our monitored smoke alarm sends us a signal to dispatch the Fire Services straight away. And if our monitored carbon monoxide alarm detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, we'll call you and send for the Fire Services immediately if there’s no response. At PhoneWatch we understand that it’s not just about your belongings, it’s about your peace of mind in your own home.

why phonewatch

The PhoneWatch Home Safety System protects your home or business so that you no longer have to worry about potential burglaries. With PhoneWatch, you & your family are free to sleep peacefully and live every day feeling safe and secure. Our service and maintenance of your alarm means you never have to worry about replacement costs or additional maintenance fees, its all included.

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PhoneWatch - Your safety. Our passion.