With the broad horizons of 2019 before us, many Irish people will be contemplating a New Year’s resolution. By Valentine’s Day, however, many will have been abandoned, with gym memberships going unused and those books you promised to read gathering dust on a shelf. PhoneWatch, Ireland’s leading provider of monitored home safety systems, is calling on householders to make home security a resolution that sticks next year!

Managing Director of PhoneWatch Eoin Dunne said “With 17,673 number of burglaries taking place in first nine months of 2018, the risks remain high. Despite this, many people are still ignoring basic safety advice, and leaving their homes more vulnerable. So we are suggesting that householders commit to five easy-to-keep security resolutions for 2019.”

  1. Lock up: In 2019 always make sure that your doors and windows are locked when leaving the house, even if it is just a short trip.
  2. Illuminate your home: Make sure your home will always look occupied by investing in smart plugs or timed lights, some of which might be on sale in January!
  3. Arm your Alarm: Your home is four times safer if you have a PhoneWatch alarm, but you should always be sure to arm it.
  4. Hide your valuables: Make sure that your most valuable and treasured possessions won’t be easily found if a burglar gains entry to your house.
  5. Do a fire drill: Before the end of January, sit with your family and agree your fire evacuation route. Then practise it!

For more information on the importance of home security and what measures you can take to protect your home and family, visit http://www.phonewatch.ie/alarm-monitoring/security-tips/ or call (01) 2135271, where a member of the PhoneWatch team can discuss all available options with you.