The kitchen is the centre of your home – but it’s also a place where many fires start. From hot surfaces, naked flames, supplies of fuel and electrical appliances, there can be many things to think of when it comes to fire awareness in the kitchen.  Read on for more information on how to stay more fire aware, with simple tips to allow you enjoy your time in the kitchen more safely.

Always remember fire safety around the cooker

When the stove is hot, it’s time to concentrate on cooking. It may sound obvious, but many fires start when we step out of the kitchen while food is still cooking! Our other tips below may seem simple, but fire awareness is most important when it comes to the cooker!

  • Never allow electrical cables run across a cooker, such as electric kettles or toasters.
  • Take care with loose clothing when reaching over cookers, particularly with gas rings.
  • Keep cooking areas clean of grease and clear of anything flammable, such as tea towels or food packaging.

Don’t leave home appliances running when you’re in bed or out and about:

Last year, Dublin fire brigade issued a warning to people not to leave appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines unattended, after being called to a number of fires when people were not home. Of particular risk is going to bed and leaving appliances on. 

Clean behind your fridge and freezer

Unlike other kitchen appliances, the fridge and freezer can’t be turned off when you leave home. Even more of a reason to take care of fire safety! Cleaning behind the fridge at least once a year prevents the build-up of dust, which could become flammable. Also check that the equipment is positioned so that air can circulate through the ventilation slots.

Keep a Fire Blanket handy

Fire blankets are useful in the kitchen should a small fire occur, such as a chip pan or small appliance fire. By blocking oxygen reaching the fire, a fire blanket can stop or slow down the burning of larger appliances.

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