The importance of your
Verification Words and Keyholders

Verification Words

When your alarm activates, we use verification words to ensure we are speaking to the correct person. These words would have been chosen by you when you joined PhoneWatch.


There are two verification words:

  • The PhoneWatch verification word is used to identify ourselves to you. (i.e. so that you know it is us calling).
  • Your verification word is used to identify yourself to us (i.e. so that we know it is you we're calling).

Remember to always make sure you and your keyholders are aware of your verification words - in the event of an activation this is the security information our monitoring team will ask for (for your safety, without the correct words the Gardaí will be dispatched).

Verification words


When your alarm activates, we will contact you and your Keyholders.


Keyholders are your neighbours, friends or family who are happy to attend your home or premises to provide access, in the event of an alarm activation. You would have chosen your Keyholders when you joined PhoneWatch.


Keyholders must:

  • Be able to attend your property within 30 minutes of an alarm activation
  • Know how to operate the alarm system from the day of installation
  • Know your verification words and alarm code
  • Have a correct set of keys


Want to make changes?

If you wish to change your verification words and/or keyholders, please see our FAQ's for instructions on how to do so.