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of your PhoneWatch Alarm FAQ'S

We understand these are challenging times and how we are live our lives has changed dramatically. You may find that your regular routine has changed and as a result you may forget to arm your alarm. 


Remember, our promise to you is that you’re 4 times safer with PhoneWatch but only when you arm your alarm.


50% of all break in actually occur through the front or back door, and the most common time for a break in is between 5pm -11pm. Therefore, we would recommend you always arm your alarm during the day and at night, whether you're home or not.

Arming your alarm allows us to keep you safe.


If we can help you in any way, please call us on 1850 753 753 or visit our WebChat and we can assist you.


Alternatively, see our FAQ's on alarm usage below

Alarm Concerns

The beeps from my alarm wake up other people in the house when I am leaving/ coming in.

If you feel the beeps from your alarm are too loud, then write to us on WebChat or call us on 1850 753 753. We may be able to turn down the volume for you.


I am afraid if my alarm were to activate in the middle of the night

With PhoneWatch you get instant response to your alarm. If your alarm activates, we will call and make sure everything is okay. Remember, you are 4 times safer with PhoneWatch, but only when you arm your alarm.


I have a pet and I am afraid they will set off the burglar alarm

False alarms triggered by pets are caused mainly due to the pet passing a motion detector. We can configure the layout of your alarm system to ensure that false alarms are minimised. Write to us on WebChat or call us on 1850 753 753 to find out more.


Should I use my alarm when my home is occupied?

We always encourage you to turn on your house alarm, even when you are home. It is important to always be protected. This is especially important overnight as this is when a large number of break-ins occur. Remember, you are 4 times safer with PhoneWatch, but only when you arm your alarm.

PhoneWatch alarm concerns FAQ's
Using your PhoneWatch app

The App and using your alarm

With the PhoneWatch app, you can control your alarm from the comfort of your phone! This means you can arm/disarm your alarm at any time, whether you’re at home or away! This can make using your alarm even easier! For more info see here

Using your alarm:

Click below to check out our easy-to-use guides:

Quick Guide and Full User Manual: see here