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All inclusive intruder alarm system. Protect what matters most with PhoneWatch. Time left:
All inclusive intruder alarm system. Protect what matters most with PhoneWatch.
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intruder alarm

Intruder alarm system

In an ideal world we would all be able to leave our windows open and doors unlocked, free from the risks of burglary. However, in today's word, it's not possible to leave your home open to intruders. At PhoneWatch, we have a dedicated team of  over 300 staff focused on home security and safety to keep you and your family safe. 

Protect what matters most

As a PhoneWatch customer, you are more than 4 times less likely to have a break-in. 

PhoneWatch's intruder alarm systems offer you total peace of mind with a guaranteed instant response to your burglar alarm or smoke alarm.  

Everyone is familiar with the sound of a ringing alarm. It's an everyday occurrence that passers-by now just tend to ignore. However, a PhoneWatch alarm is never ignored. We respond to over 670,000 alarm activation's each year, in an average of just 22 seconds, giving you the confidence to know your home is protected.

Monitored intruder alarm
intruder alarm system

Garda policy on monitored intruder alarms

Due to the high rate of false alarms (95% of all alarm activations), An Garda Síochána developed a policy aimed at identifying and responding to the 5% of genuine break in alerts. A verified alarm is an alarm system which has been installed according to the standards of the new  Garda Alarm Policy for Monitored Intruder Alarms . All PhoneWatch alarm systems meet this An Garda Síochána policy.

PhoneWatch alarms act as a deterrent as intuders are aware alarms are monitored. As soon as the alarm activates, a signal is sent to our Alarm Receiving Center. Alarm signals are transmitted either through a landline or over the mobile phone network. As soon as the signal is received, one of our trained 24-hour alarm monitoring staff will immediately contact you, your key holders and / or the emergency services if recquired. 

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