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Protect your home today with Ireland's most trusted home alarm system. With guaranteed instant response to your burglar and smoke alarms, discover why PhoneWatch takes care of more Irish homes than anyone else.


House Alarm System Ireland

House Alarm System

The installation includes: 1 central control unit with GSM, 1 keypad, 2 PIR camera detectors, 1 smoke detector, 1 door contact, and any 2 other sensors of your choice. Also included: 1 bell box for the outside of your home, keytags to arm/disarm your alarm, and a smartphone app.


Business Alarm System Ireland

Business Alarm System

PhoneWatch provide an alarm system and service to businesses which will give you the confidence that your security is managed by the best in Ireland, leaving you free to run your business. Get in touch to find out more. 


My Pages

PhoneWatch’s My Pages website allows you to control your alarm system from your tablet or computer.

The easy to use tool gives you extra control, allowing you to arm and disarm your alarm system from the palm of your hand. You can also view an event log of your alarm activation.

  • Handle one or more of your alarm systems if you have more than one account
  • Control your smart plugs
  • View your alarm event log
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Our products

The PhoneWatch Home Safety System is a wireless alarm. 

Keypad Ireland


Simple, easy to use keypad. Allows you to arm/disarm the alarm system. Features an integrated panic button. The alarm system can be operated using either your 4 digit security code, or for added convenience using a simple swipe of the smart keytags.

PIR with camera Ireland

PIR Motion sensor with camera

Motion Sensors with PIR Cameras - A motion sensor with built- in camera reacts to temperature fluctuations caused by a person moving around. Once triggered, it takes photographs which are transmitted to our Alarm Receiving Centre. Fitted in protected zones in the home.

Door sensor Ireland

Door and window contact sensor

Magnetic contact sensor fit to doors or windows and detect opening and closing. Additional sensors can be added if required.

Keytags Ireland


For added convenience and simplicity, the keytag acts as a swipe card, allowing you to arm/disarm the alarm system with a simple swipe. Each system can have up to 10 keytags programmed.

Bellbox Ireland

Outdoor bellbox

Our decoy bellbox acts as a strong visual deterrent, making it known that your home is monitored 24/7 and protected by PhoneWatch.

Smart solutions Ireland


Control your lights and other domestic appliances from your smart phone using Smart Plugs that connect to the internet. Smart plugs are not part of our standard pack and are available as an additional component.

Remote control Ireland

Remote control

For quick and easy activation of your alarm or Smart Plugs. You can also use the panic button if faced with an emergency situation. The remote control is not part of the standard pack and can be added as an additional component.  

Glass detector Ireland

Glass break detector

Can be used as a complement to the contact sensors in order to protect your perimeter and secure the areas outside doors and windows.

Shock sensor Ireland

Shock sensor

Reacts to vibrations or strong shocks and can be used to complement contact sensors. The shock is not part of the standard pack but can be added as a sensor or your choice. 

Smoke alarm Ireland

Smoke detector

Smoke detector - With a monitored smoke alarm, we can detect the start of a fire. Even if your security alarm system is unarmed, our smoke detector is always on and always monitored. If there is also a motion camera in the room, we can confirm a fire visually and will contact the Emergency Services.

Wireless alarm

Wireless alarm

Our wireless Home Safety System requires no wiring to sensors at your windows, doors or room areas. We can offer wireless contacts, wireless shock sensors, wireless PIR cams and wireless outside sirens as part of our wireless alarm system.

Arm your alarm easily in Ireland

Arm your home – from anywhere with our app.

With the PhoneWatch alarm app you can see the current status of your alarm, when it was last switched off or on and you can even arm or disarm it all from the palm of your hand!

View the current status of your alarm in our alarm app and see a recent log of events. You can also turn your alarm on and off easily and monitor different user activity in the app.

When you install our app, you can choose within your phone settings to allow push notifications when your alarm status changes.

PhoneWatch smart plug

PhoneWatch Smart Plug – Smart Control for a Smart Home

The PhoneWatch Smart Plug offers complete control of lighting and other electronics in your home. This makes your home even safer by allowing you smart control of up to 5 devices from anywhere in the world with a simple tap of your smartphone, as well as with instant activation should your alarm be triggered. The Smart Plug is only avaialble for the Home Safety System and costs am extra €39 per plug.

  • Instant control – remote convenience and control with our smartphone app.
  • Scheduled control – keep your home safer with programmable timings for lighting
  • Instant activation – set lights to instantly illuminate should your alarm be triggere
  • Added security should your burglar alarm trigger
  • Added safety should your fire/carbon alarm trigger – lighting your way to safety


SOS button

All PhoneWatch alarm systems feature an SOS button on the keypad. A panic button is a priority alarm, PhoneWatch respond immediately. An SOS alarm can be used in the case of emergency, such as during a break-in, or for fire or carbon monoxide emergencies.


Upon receiving the signal, PhoneWatch immediately dispatch the emergency services and contact the homeowner and keyholders.


The panic button can be used on our Home Safety System by pressing the two SOS buttons on the panel at the same time. For other systems, contact our customer support team on 1850 753 753 for advice on how to use the panic button.

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