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Interview with Adam, a PhoneWatch Direct Sales Representative.

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At PhoneWatch, we have openings for entry-level sales people in locations across Ireland. Our motto is to hire for attitude, and train for skills – so if you’ve got the drive to succeed, this is the place for you.

We took to the time to put some questions to Adam, who’s been with us just under a year, to find out what it’s like in the PhoneWatch Sales Team…

'I've always had an interest in sales however I had no experience before joining PhoneWatch. I previously lived in Australia for 2 years where I worked in the construction industry. When I returned home I felt a bit lost in my career. I knew I wanted to get into sales however I also knew that it would be a difficult transition for me. PhoneWatch was the perfect opportunity for me to get my foot in the door. I was attracted by the uncapped commission structure and the idea that if I put the work in I could potentially earn much more than a basic paying job.'

Working at PhoneWatch
Training at PhoneWatch

Award-winning Training

'The sales training I received was amazing and really set me up for success.' 

'The training was done in manageable sections and spaced out over a few weeks, so I didn't get overloaded with information. I had time to take it all in and practice my sales pitch before going out and selling. My manager also gave me constant feedback, so it was easy to see what I was doing right and where I could improve. I felt motivated to start selling by the end.

I made my first sale within the first week and nothing will ever beat that feeling. I felt as if I was king of the world and I couldn’t stop smiling even as I tried to sleep that night.

That feeling still drives me to this day. If I'm ever struggling to make sales or the weather isn’t great, I'll go back to that day and relive the excitement. Selling has its challenges but the trick of this game is to take total control, resilience is everything!'

Great for career and confidence

'Working with PhoneWatch has been a great opportunity for me to build a career and my confidence.'


'I would have considered myself to have strong communication skills but since I began working in sales, I've learned an awful lot more. Not to mention what I've learned about myself and the art of selling. Career progression is important to me and it was really rewarding when I secured a place on the Future Leader’s Programme after just three months.

I put my quick progression down to the great training and the amazing team I work with. We all motivate each other to reach our best potential and I always feel supported by them. There is a great vibe in the office and I’ve made friends for life in PhoneWatch.'


'I come in smiling everyday regardless of what side of the bed I get up on.'


'I'm also massively proud of the product that I sell. PhoneWatch protects homes and genuinely save lives every year, which makes me feel like a superhero! I would encourage anyone who wants to get started in sales to apply for a role with PhoneWatch. They recognize hard work and treat their employees well with many perks and benefits such as trips abroad for top performing team members, what more could you ask for!'

If you would like to take your career in a new direction, contact PhoneWatch and discover our current opportunities today!

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