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New customer FAQ's
How does the Home Safety System work?
Our new Home Safety System features the latest technology that will provide you and your family with optimum security. Once the motion sensors with cameras are triggered our Alarm Receiving Centre receive instant visuals of your home, which they can immediately act on. The smoke alarm is also monitored and works even when the system is not on. Your alarm system can be remotely accessed through the PhoneWatch Alarm App, allowing you to arm/disarm your system.
What happens to captured images?
Visual images which have been transmitted will be treated as follows:

  • The visual images are used by the PhoneWatch Alarm Receiving Centre to determine appropriate action
  • The visual images are processed by authorised expert staff at our Alarm Receiving Centre
  • All visual images received remain accessible for up to 21 days then images are routinely deleted
  • The visual images cannot be passed on to any third party, other than the Gardaí.
Can I see the images?
No. The images are only available to expert staff at our Alarm Receiving Centre who deal with alarm activations.
Will the Gardaí be able to access the images?
In the event of an enquiry into an incident the Gardaí can request access to information from PhoneWatch, and we will provide any support that we can, including access to recorded images.
How does alarm monitoring work?
A monitored alarm means so much more than a non-monitored alarm, our monitored Home Safety System offers real peace of mind for you and your family. Once your alarm has been activated, your system will send a signal from the main control panel to our 24 hour Alarm Response Centre. When the signal is received, we will immediately verify that the alarm is genuine before notifying your keyholders and the emergency services. Find out more about alarm monitoring.
I have a pet and I am afraid it will set off the burglar alarm if I buy one but at the same time I would like to have my house alarmed. Do you have an alarm system that will suit me?
False alarms triggered by pets are caused mainly due to the pet passing the motion detector. We can configure the layout of your alarm system to ensure that false alarms are minimised. This can be discussed and managed on the day of install. Call us on (01) 213 5271 to find out more.
If I move house, can I bring the alarm system with me?
We do offer the facility of de-installing and re-installing a system into your new home. However we do advise that you leave your alarm system in your old home as we offer a number of discounts to existing customers interested in installing an alarm system into their new home. Just call (01) 213 5271 to speak to one of our experienced sales team.
What is remote access?
Remote access technology - available with our Home Safety System - allows you to control your alarm system with our app while you’re away from home – even when you’re thousands of miles away. Once you install and set up our app, you will be able to operate your alarm system as if you were back at home (only available with our Home Safety System).
What is a mini remote?
A mini remote key ring - with integrated panic button - allows you to switch off your alarm system from the outside without having to punch in your alarm code.
Do you install nationwide?
Yes, we have a network of engineers located throughout the country.
How long does it take to get installed?
It takes 2 to 3 hours to install our Home Safety System.
Do you have a helpline if something goes wrong with the alarm system?
Yes, we have 24 hour/365 day customer support available to our customers. Just call 1850 211 765 to speak to one of our skilled agents.
What kind of a relationship do you have with An Garda Síochána?
Since the company was set up in 1991, we have built a very strong relationship with An Garda Síochána. We understand that their time is very precious and therefore work in line with their alarm response procedures in order to prevent the dispatch of false alarms. View Garda Policy on Monitored Intruder Alarms.
I don’t have a landline but I would like to connect to 24 hour alarm monitoring. Is this possible?
Our Home Safety System is monitored using GSM – over the mobile phone network, therefore does not require a landline.
If my phone service is with another company can I still have PhoneWatch?
Our Home Safety System is monitored using GSM – over the mobile phone network, therefore does not impact your landline.
I have a VoIP phone service, can the system be monitored through this line?
Our Home Safety System is monitored using GSM – over the mobile phone network, therefore does not impact VoIP phone services.
What is the difference between a verified and non verified alarm?
A verified alarm is a system which has been installed according to the standards of the new Garda Alarm Policy for Monitored Intruder Alarms. Read the full policy on www.isia.ie
How many keyholders do I need to have?
You will need a minimum of two and a maximum of four keyholders. Landline and mobile numbers can each be included as separate keyholders and you can include yourself as a keyholder on a mobile or work number.
Does broadband affect my PhoneWatch monitored system?
Our Home Safety System is monitored using GSM – over the mobile phone network, therefore does not affect your broadband.
Can you alarm my garage aswell as My house ?
We have sensors that are suitable for use in garages. Full arming of a garage will depend on the location of your garage in relation to your house and should be discussed with the Installer on the day of installation.
How much does an alarm system cost?
Our Home Safety System cost is on our quote page. All households are different and everybody’s safety needs may vary. Apply for a burglar alarm quote or call us on (01) 213 5271 to find out about our special offers and discuss the best security solution for you.
How can I pay for my new system?
€200 deposit may be paid by phone or by post (bank draft prior to installation). Full balance can be paid by phone prior to installation, or to the engineer on the day of installation. You may pay for the full year’s alarm monitoring at the same time as you pay for the installation of your alarm system. Or we can set you up with a monthly direct debit to spread the cost of your alarm monitoring throughout the year, at no extra charge.
What does my initial payment include?
Upon installation of your PhoneWatch alarm system you need to pay the balance of the alarm purchases price (if outstanding) plus the first year contract for your Service and Maintenance. This includes:

  • 24 hour/365 day monitored security with emergency services dispatch
  • Service and maintenance of your alarm
  • Lifetime warranty on your system*
  • 24 hour/365 day customer support to deal with any query you may have on your alarm system
  • Access to a team of skilled engineers nationwide to deal with routine or emergency calls
  • Panic button facility
  • Sensors with built-in cameras allowing visual confirmation of a break-in
  • Emergency break in repair cover
  • Panic button facility
  • “Always on” monitored smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm
  • A wireless system
  • Smartphone app for remote access
  • * Battery replacement subject to terms & conditions
    Do I get a discount on my home insurance if I have a PhoneWatch system in my home?
    In the majority of cases you will receive a home insurance discount if you have a PhoneWatch alarm system in your home with an even further discount if you have a monitored PhoneWatch system. Some insurance companies offer reductions in your premium. Contact your home insurance broker for more details.
    What happens if I buy a system and I don't like it?
    We have a no quibble, 30 day money back guarantee. Should you want your alarm system removed from your home, we will de-install the system immediately, provided it is within 30 days from the date of installation.
    Why should I choose PhoneWatch?
  • Our systems are tailored to suit your individual security needs giving you complete peace of mind
  • We sell, install and monitor your alarm system giving you complete service from start to finish
  • We ensure that your home or business is secure 24 hours a day 365 days a year with our round the clock monitoring service
  • We provide 24 hour alarm monitoring so should your alarm be activated we will immediately contact your nominated keyholders and/or the relevant emergency services
  • Our alarm systems are quick and easy to install and there is little or no disruption to your household. Installs are usually completed in 2-3 hours
  • Our systems are produced with the most advanced technology in the industry. They are feature rich so that you are getting more from your alarm system
  • We can protect you from burglary, fire and personal attack
  • We offer you a wide range of security solutions to suit your needs and your budget
  • Competitive pricing
  • Access to 24 hour Customer Support on 1850 211 765

  • Confidence when you're away
    Can I turn my alarm on/off if I am not at home?
    Our Home Safety System will fit into your lifestyle no matter what your needs are. Our comprehensive monitoring service secures your peace of mind so that you can rest assured knowing that your home is safe while you are away.
    How many people can have the app?
    We recommend that you only give access to your household members.
    Are the apps available on Apple and Android?
    Yes, the app is available on both platforms.
    Can anyone else access my alarm from the app?
    No. Only the registered users of your alarm system can access it, it is very secure.
    How does the alarm system benefit me if I am away?
    With PhoneWatch alarm monitoring, you can be assured that your home is monitored 24 hours/365 days and that you or your keyholders will be contacted in the event of an alarm activation, so there’s always someone ready to respond in the event of an alarm activation.
    PhoneWatch - Your safety. Our passion.