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Burglary tracker

Here at PhoneWatch, we have taken an in-depth look at the latest statistics from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) to give you an overview of burglaries in your area in 2016.

Our homes are sanctuaries where we should feel safe and secure. The CSO's recorded crime index released in December 2016 shows almost 19,562 burglaries and related offences occurred nationwide for the first 9 months of the year to September 2016. Eoin Dunne, Managing Director of PhoneWatch said “There was a 31% decrease in burglaries which is extremely welcome and continues a positive trend we have been seeing this year. The Dublin metropolitan area has the highest rate of burglaries – over 9,000 since the start of the year compared to just 1,359 in the Western Region".

2016 annual figures below relate to January to September 2016, 2015 annual figures relate to January to December 2015. As a PhoneWatch customer, you are less likely to have a break-in. Click on your county below to get a breakdown of CSO burglary rates by area.
  • Phonewatch customers are 2.6 times safer
  • 8 Counties
    1 or less Phonewatch Break-ins

    View Counties

    • Donegal
    • Waterford
    • Galway
    • Kerry
    • Sligo
    • Leitrim
    • Cavan/Monaghan
  • 6 Counties
    Highest CSO Crime Rate

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    • Dublin: 2122 burglaries
    • Kildare: 229 burglaries
    • Louth: 163 burglaries
    • Limerick: 162 burglaries
    • Wicklow: 162 burglaries

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