burglary rates for year 2023

Burglary rates increase yearly by 1%

Published: April 10, 2024 by  Marguerite Cotter

PhoneWatch investigates 

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has released official burglary rates for 2023 outlining that 9,545 incidents occurred, which is up 1% compared to 2022. This is the second yearly increase in burglaries. 

Overall, 15 of the 28 Gardaí divisions experienced an unwanted increase in burglary rates, 11 reassuringly had decreases and 2 divisions had unchanged results compared to 2022. The Gardaí divisions with the highest yearly burglary increase are the Roscommon and Longford Gardaí division increasing by 41% with 218 incidents combined, Clare Gardaí division had a 30% increase with 201 burglaries and Mayo Gardaí division and the combined Sligo and Leitrim division by 26% with 176 and 144 incidents, respectively. 

The report did highlight positive trends for some Gardaí divisions with Kerry citing the highest rate of decrease in burglaries at -21% with 134 burglaries and Wicklow experienced a 20% decrease with 237 incidents. 

From a national perspective, even a 1% increase is too high to tolerate, every homeowner needs to take action by reviewing their current home security methods to see how they can improve them to reduce burglaries. If we all secure our homes better, we will see both national and regional rate reductions. However, we do need to implement new safety measures promptly to have all our efforts reflected in positive 2024 yearly results by tackling the problem. 

Eoin Dunne, PhoneWatch Managing Director advised; “It is disappointing to see another yearly increase in burglary rates by 1% versus 2022. It is clear from this data, that we as homeowners need to do more within each home to ensure we aren’t tempting potential burglars by neglecting our home security measures. It is vital that we eliminate unnecessary incidents. Even when we review the end of 2023, statistics show there was a 9% rise in burglaries in Q4 2023* compared to Q3 2023** and analyzing Q4 2023 versus Q4 2022*** we see a 3% increase. Evidently, we need to do more to combat this, and we can all take simple home safety steps to contribute to safer communities.” 

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Suffering a house burglary can be devastating and the after effects can be relentless. A survey conducted by Bounce research**** found that people weren’t as concerned about the financial implications of a break-in but more so the emotional trauma of having their most precious treasures, their children and pets affected. 62% of respondents outlined that their children were their most valuable possessions in their home and 12% stated their pets. 

PhoneWatch urge homeowners to always be vigilant and secure their homes with the most stringent methods. The below home security safety tips will effectively reduce the risk of burglary within your home. 

  • Get a monitored alarm: Having a monitored home alarm will keep you protected 24/7 whether you are at home and away. PhoneWatch’s system also monitors against smoke incidents. 
  • Secure your house keys: Don’t leave house keys hidden outside, instead consider giving your neighbour or friend a spare set of keys for emergencies.  
  • Lock windows and doors: Always lock your doors and shut windows when you aren’t home.  
  • Safeguard your valuables: Never leave car keys, cash, jewellery, or any valuable items openly on display, as this may tempt any burglar in your area. 

PhoneWatch urges homeowners to protect their homes and families by installing a monitored alarm system.  



*Analysis period:  Q4 2023 refers to October, November, and December 2023 

** Analysis period:  Q3 2023 refers to July, August, and September 2023 

*** Analysis period: Q4 2022 refers to October, November, and December 2022 

****A survey undertaken by PhoneWatch via Bounce research with 500 respondents in October 2022 

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