Questions on your invoice? View our invoice FAQs.

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Sometimes there can be a lot of questions, sometimes all you need is a quick answer. See our FAQ's below. Do you need to talk to us? Make it easy, contact us on chat or you also contact us on WhatsApp on 086 180 1344.  

Right now our most popular customer questions are.......

When is this invoice due?

The due date on your invoice can be found at the top of your invoice, to the right of your address details.

What is the invoice for?

A full breakdown of your invoice can be found on the back of the invoice under the ‘Invoice Breakdown’ section. If your invoice is for a recent installation or service appointment this will display any parts installed.

Have any payments been applied to the invoice so far?

You can see any payments applied to the invoice under the ‘Billing Summary’ section of your invoice.

What does the invoice cover?

As part of your subscription you are covered for 24/7 monitoring on your home, 24/7 customer support, Lifetime Guarantee on your alarm system (*), Alarm maintenance via remote support or an on site visit, emergency break in repair cover. This can be found under the ‘Your Service’ of your invoice.

*Excludes Batteries

How can I pay the invoice?

If you already have a direct debit with us then payment will be taken upon your next direct debit date. We also accept card payments through a secure payment portal which is sent to you via SMS or email. Cheques are also accepted as payment for invoices. You can find full details of payment options under the ‘Payment Method’ section of your invoice.

Why are there two different VAT rates on my invoice?

Due to offering both monitoring and maintenance as part of our service different VAT rates apply. Monitoring service is charged at 23% VAT.

Maintenance service is charged at 13.5% VAT.

What is my contract period for this invoice?

Your contract end date is displayed in the top right section of the invoice.

What are your terms and conditions?

To view the latest version of the terms and conditions related to your service please visit:

Where can I find my account number on the invoice?

The account number the invoice relates to is located directly beneath your address.

How much is due on the invoice?

A summary of the total amount due can be found under the ‘Billing Summary’ section of your invoice. This section will also highlight the VAT amount and any payment made towards the invoice already.