Home fire prevention & safety tips

Published: February 06, 2023 by  Marguerite Cotter

In life, its too easy for us to underweight risk and be complacent in areas where we should really be proactive. House fires are too common in todays technologically advanced age and yet many are so preventable.

The first step to keeping you and your loved ones safe from fire, is to take all the necessary actions to prevent home fires from happening to begin with.

How to prevent a house fire

Some home fire prevention tips we recommend to customers of PhoneWatch's fire & smoke alarm products include:

  • Don’t leave a mobile phone charging overnight or while sleeping. This advice usually also applies to most household appliances.
  • Discuss with all family members about a fire escape plan especially little children who often will not know what to do. Practice the plan twice a year.
  • Ensure you teach kids how fires can happen and encourage fire safety practices with them. Kids often can leave devices plugged in not knowing the implications.
  • When lighting a stove or fire, hot ashes should be disposed of carefully afterwards in a tin bucket. Do not put them into plastic bins while ashes are still hot.
  • Ensure candles are used in proper, fire safe, containers and on a heat resistant surface. Do not leave them on a surface where they can be easily knocked over. Never leave candles unattended.
  • Do not overload electric sockets with too many powered on appliances which can overcharge the socket.
  • Try not to smoke when tired or after consuming alcohol as cigarette butts, if dropped, can remain lit for long periods, and could start a fire.

Practicing fire safety

The next best thing is to having a home fire prevention plan in place, is to have a strategy to deal with a fire in your home. A monitored fire and smoke alarm can help with this as even if you are asleep or not at home. In the event of fire, it can be captured by your alarms. As an example, the PhoneWatch Home Fire Safety System has an ‘always on’ fire alarm meaning that even if the alarm is not set, the PhoneWatch Alarm Receiving Centre will receive a signal if dangerous levels of smoke are detected in the home and immediately contact the Fire services. All our motion sensors also have cameras designed to capture smoke or sudden increases in temperature and notifies PhoneWatch's Alarm Receiving Centre.

What next?

If you are interested in home fire prevention products, PhoneWatch have a number of fire safety solutions help. Contact us to receive a free quote for our home security starter pack which includes fire and smoke alarms as standard. Please also read some of our other fire prevention blogs where there further tips on home fire prevention and fire safety.



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