How a monitored alarm system safeguards your home

Published: February 07, 2023 by  Marguerite Cotter

Home security needs to be a priority for all homeowners. It is vital to put preventative measures in your home such as a monitored alarm system to protect against traumatic break-ins.

The rate of burglary has been increasing across the country. The latest figures from the CSO (Central Statistics Office) published in 2022 show that there was a 33% rise in burglaries across Ireland.

Taking a view of official figures over the last decade provides some startling facts. There have been over 180,000 burglaries reported in the last 10 years. This indicates that an average of 1 in every 10 houses nationally suffered burglaries during that period. This is a harsh statistic, that is far too high. Further information on burglary figures is available in PhoneWatch’s 2022 burglary report.

The number of burglary incidents should remind homeowners of the need for vigilance and awareness of potential burglaries. Taking simple and effective measures that can help improve the security of your home and the safety of your family.

Do house alarms deter burglars?

Repeatedly research shows that people with a monitored alarm system are less likely to be burgled. When comparing the data from the PhoneWatch Alarm Receiving Centre to the national burglary stats, it highlights that PhoneWatch homes are 4.5 times less likely to be burgled. One of the most proven preventative measures to combat any home break-ins, is to install a monitored alarm in your home. This maximises your home security protection.

Having a monitored alarm system with a PhoneWatch bellbox and alarm stickers on your home, automatically deters potential burglars. It shows potential burlars that your home is monitored 24/7 by Ireland’s leading home security provider. This makes burglars unlikely to try to enter your home, as they know they’ll be caught and the gardaí will be alerted.

How alarm monitoring works

A monitored alarm is quickly installed by a security advisor and is easy to use. How does PhoneWatch’s monitored alarm system work? When you install an alarm with us, our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) team in Dublin helps monitor your home 24/7. We respond to any alarm activation (including smoke detection) within 15 seconds. When you arm your alarm, your home is being monitored. If a burglar tries to break-in, whether it be through a window or back door, our shock and contact detectors and camera motion sensor detects this activation and triggers your alarm to sound. An image from the camera motion sensor is sent to our ARC team for verification. They’ll review and contact the homeowner or keyholders if the homeowner can’t be reached. If required, they’ll then dispatch the relevant emergency services to help to you.

Therefore, when you set your alarm, you have complete peace of mind day and night, knowing you are being kept safe. You can even use the PhoneWatch app to check your home security status for convenience. The app also allows you to turn on your alarm if you forget to arm it before you leave your home.

Are monitored alarm systems worth it?

When it comes to home security, we need to act on our concerns rather than feel vulnerable without a monitored alarm. PhoneWatch recently conducted research with Bounce Insights, results revealed that 72% of us are concerned about a break-in in our homes. Over a third (39%) of people feel worried when home alone. PhoneWatch urges all homeowners to take the necessary preventative measures and continue to protect their homes and their cherished items inside Monitored house alarm systems help you feel safe and secure in your home. For many people, this alone is worth the investment.

At PhoneWatch we provide a free quote for a monitored alarm system if you would like to explore how one would work for your home.


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