How do doorbell cameras work

Published: June 13, 2023 by  Marguerite Cotter

Doorbell cameras, also known as video doorbells, combine a doorbell with a built-in camera and usually connect to your home's Wi-Fi network.

Here's a general overview of how doorbell cameras work:



Doorbell cameras are typically installed near your front door or entryway. They are mounted in the same location where your traditional doorbell would be, replacing it with the new device. Installation procedures can vary depending on the specific brand and model of the doorbell camera.

PhoneWatch Doorbell Cameras are professionally installed by our security engineers. When installing Doorbell cameras, there are restrictions around GDPR if the doorbell faces a public area and our engineers can guide customers on the privacy issues involved in Doorbell camera installation.


Power Source

Doorbell cameras can be battery-powered or wired. Battery-powered models run on rechargeable batteries, while wired models are connected to your home's existing doorbell wiring, which provides a constant power supply. PhoneWatch doorbell cameras are wireless with a special long life battery.


Connection to Wi-Fi

Doorbell cameras connect to your home's Wi-Fi network. During the setup process, you'll need to download the associated mobile app provided by the doorbell manufacturer and follow the instructions to connect the device to your Wi-Fi network. This allows the camera to transmit video and audio data to your smartphone or other connected devices.


Motion Detection

Doorbell cameras often feature built-in motion sensors that can detect movement in front of your door. When motion is detected, the camera activates and starts recording. The sensitivity of the motion detection can usually be adjusted through the mobile app settings.

The PhoneWatch doorbell camera comes with Night vision and 180-degree field of vision capturing a wide area.


Notifications and Alerts

When the doorbell camera detects motion or someone rings the doorbell, it sends a notification to your smartphone or other connected devices through the mobile app. This allows you to receive real-time alerts and access the live video feed from the camera.


Two-Way Audio and Video

Doorbell cameras typically have a built-in microphone and speaker, enabling two-way communication. When you receive an alert, you can open the app and see a live video stream from the camera. You can speak through your smartphone, and the sound will be transmitted through the camera's speaker, allowing you to communicate with the person at your door remotely.

The PhoneWatch Doorbell camera captures video in 720p HD allowing you to see, hear and talk to whoever is there.


Cloud Storage or Local Storage

Doorbell cameras may offer different storage options for recorded footage. Some models provide a limited amount of onboard storage, while others offer cloud storage subscriptions for storing video recordings. The recorded footage allows you to review previous events or incidents captured by the camera.

The PhoneWatch Doorbell camera captures all movements and stores them in the cloud. It can save thousands of videos as standard.



If you would be interested in installing a Doorbell camera or integrating it with your home security package, please contact us for a personalised quote. Our engineers can tell you all the advanced features that come with the PhoneWatch Doorbell camera.

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