Buying a home in 2024? What home security steps to take

Published: January 02, 2024 by  Marguerite Cotter

With a new year, comes a long list of goals and expectations, some real and others unrealistic. Despite the challenging Irish housing situation, buying a home will be a key priority for many in 2024 and we review some key home security steps.

In 2024, it is certain we will remain mired in a housing crisis with more housing demand failing to meet supply. Purchasing a home in 2024 will be a key ambition for many people (despite the difficult climate and high interest rates). Whether a new home or existing build, buying a property is only the beginning. Once your dream becomes a reality, you’ll be met with the very real demands of home ownership. One of these important considerations is securing your new home from fire and burglary and protecting what will be for most of us, our most valuable asset within our lifetime. 

Marguerite Cotter, Commercial Director at PhoneWatch, Ireland’s leading home security company, advised “Purchasing and moving into a new home is a very exciting time but also requires careful planning. If your goal is to become a homeowner in 2024, the importance of securing your new home from unexpected tragic events like fire and burglary cannot be overstated. Taking home security seriously and implementing a home security system which includes smoke and fire protection is a crucial step to protecting your property, belongings, and most importantly your family. At PhoneWatch, our monitored home alarm system comes with burglary and fire protection as part of our standard pack.” 

PhoneWatch, Ireland’s leading home security company, recommend the following security steps to consider when buying a home in 2024:

  • Install a Home Security System

Invest in a reputable home security system that includes motion detectors, door/window sensors, and a bellbox and stickers to signal the home is protected by an alarm. Consider a monitored home security system where you and/or the authorities will be notified whenever the alarm is triggered whether you are home or away. Surveillance cameras can also help capture footage of any movement near your home which can be used as evidence or act as a further deterrent to burglars. 

With a PhoneWatch monitored alarm the average response time is 15 seconds for all alarm activations whether burglary or fire. A standard pack contains camera motion detectors, door and window contact sensors, a smoke detector, a keypad, and a visible exterior alarm bellbox. 

  • Secure doors and windows

When you purchase your new home, ensure that you check the security of all entry points particularly doors and windows. Reinforce these entry points with solid doors, deadbolt locks, and reinforced door frames. Never leave doors and windows open when leaving the home and adopt good practices when at home as burglaries happen in seconds.

  • Use Smart Home Devices

Utilizing smart home devices can be a great additional home security measure while also making life more convenient. Smart doorbells allow the door to be answered without opening it or anybody knowing you’re home. Burglars often press a doorbell to test if the home is occupied. 

Smart plugs give you the ability to switch on and off home appliances at scheduled times or on demand. If away from home for a period, you could trigger lights to turn on at certain hours at night. Measures like this make the home look occupied and reduce the chance of burglars targeting it.

  • Review outdoor home security vulnerabilities

Don’t make the common mistake of only focusing on the inside of your new home when you move in. Inspect outside and around your property for anything that could make your home vulnerable to break-ins. 

Avoid storing tools and appliances in open garages and don’t leave them lying around as they could also be used to break into the home. Place locks on any oil tanks and make them less visible to passers-by. Illuminate the exterior of your home with outdoor lighting to deter potential intruders. Consider motion-activated lights for added security. Install a sturdy fence to discourage trespassers. Additionally, try to keep shrubbery and trees trimmed to eliminate potential hiding spots for burglars.

  • Get to know your neighbours

Establish good relationships with your neighbours. They can be valuable allies in keeping an eye on each other's homes and reporting any suspicious activity. Check to see if there is a neighbourhood watch group or social media page you could join in your new home’s local area.

  • Secure valuables and change locks

Invest in a home safe if necessary for important documents, jewellery, and other valuable items. Don’t store cash at home as it may make your home a target for a home invasion if it becomes identified or suspected. 

Change all locks when you move into a new home to ensure that you are the only one with access. Consider upgrading to high-security locks.

  • Get the right home Insurance for you

Source the right advice when it comes to insuring your home and ensure you have adequate coverage to protect you in the case of an unexpected event. Review and update your home insurance policy to guarantee it provides adequate coverage for your new property. If you choose to get a monitored home alarm many insurers will offer a discount of over 10% off your policy under certain circumstances. 

Don’t forget to keep an inventory of your possessions and their value for insurance purposes. An Garda Síochána recently released an app whereby you can record and index your property which could also be valuable if your items get stolen.

  • Regularly maintain your new home

Regularly check and maintain your security systems to ensure they are functioning properly. Replace batteries in devices like smoke detectors and security cameras as needed. When going away for a prolonged period, ensure the grass is mowed and trash is taken out and make efforts to avoid advertising absence.

Remember, a comprehensive approach to home security involves a combination of technology, common sense, and community awareness. Assess the specific needs of your new home and its environment to tailor your security measures accordingly.


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