PhoneWatch App. Control and alerts anywhere

Arm and disarm your alarm
Video of who is at the door inside or outside
Watch video
Mobile alerts
Smart plug

PhoneWatch App. Control and alerts anywhere

The easy-to-use PhoneWatch App puts you in control of your home's security wherever you are. Turn alarms on and off, set timers for lights and other devices.

Arm and disarm
Arm and disarm

Check your home is alarmed from your phone

Live video
Live video

See who is at the door, inside or outside

Watch video
Watch video

Videos of key events. All securely stored in the cloud


Get notified when kids come home from school

Turn lamps on and off
Smart Plug

Turn lamps on/off

Download the PhoneWatch App for free
Setting up PhoneWatch App & My pages

Get started with PhoneWatch App

Before installation, you need to create an account on My Pages You will have received a link in your sales confirmation email to create an account or follow the instructions below.

Add or delete alarm panels from your account

Change account info; username, password, email etc

Remove mobile devices from your account

Access the app FAQs

Disable PhoneWatch App remotely (when phone gets lost or stolen)

Keep up with home activity on your mobile

By using the PhoneWatch app with our video security cameras you can see, hear and talk to people at home and even catch up on what has been happening by watching recordings. Combined with our Indoor HD Security Camera, you can also receive notifications on your mobile when events happen at home - watch your kids arrive home, see when a tradesman leaves or stay in touch with your favorite pet.

Watch what’s happening live on the PhoneWatch App

Motion-triggered notifications instantly to your mobile

All key events are recorded. Save thousands of videos.

Keep up with home activity on your mobile
The whole family can use the PhoneWatch App

The whole family can use the PhoneWatch App

Not only is it you that can use the PhoneWatch App but the whole family can. Make it easy for the whole family to turn the alarm on and off at any time.

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Maybe you need a handyman at home, so you need to create a code.

See when the kids get home from school

Create a 24 hours code for the handyman

Watch what your pets are doing when you aren’t at home

PhoneWatch App FAQ

How do I add another user to my app?

You can add an additional user or administrator to your app under the settings. In the settings on your app click ‘App Users’ and select whether you would like the person to be a user or an administrator on the app. Once you enter their name and mobile phone number they will receive a link via SMS which gives detailed instructions on how to set up their access.

What can an administrator do on the app?

They will have access to notifications on the system, change the system name, add and remove other users. They may also be able to change the directions, verification words and keyholders. 

If you need any assistance, chat to us on our live chat or by calling 0818 753 753. 

What can users do on the app?

Users have access to arm and disarm the alarm using their own code which is set up by the main app user or an administrator. 

Is my alarm compatible with the PhoneWatch App ?

Any system installed prior to 2014 are not compatible with the PhoneWatch App. Systems installed from 2014 onwards are compatible with the app.

Is my phone compatible with the PhoneWatch App?

IPhones and most smartphones (with the exception of Blackberry’s) can support the PhoneWatch App, however if the PhoneWatch App doesn’t seem to be compatible with your phone you can still log in using laptop or pc or you can use the internet browser on your mobile. 

*If your app has stopped working, log out of the app, check for and complete any software updates and then log back in. If you still experience an issue delete the app and download it again from the app store or play store.  

If you need any assistance, chat to us on our live chat or by calling 0818 753 753. 

How do I set up the PhoneWatch App for my alarm system ?

You will receive a welcome SMS or Email in advance of the engineer call out to set up your My Pages (App) account. Following the link in the SMS or Email you will be asked to confirm your mobile number and your customer number which is also found in the SMS or Email. Next you will be asked to confirm directions to your premises, to create a verification word which will be used in the event of an alarm activation and confirmation of 2-4 keyholders you would like on your account.    

How do I set up the PhoneWatch App if I have not received an SMS / Email prior to the engineer call out ?

Go to MyPages.

To register your personal account in My Pages, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your customer number and your telephone number. You will also need your email. Remember that the email should be the one you already indicated when you installed your system. If you do not know your customer number, you can find it on an invoice or request it from our Customer Service (0818 753 753.).
  2. Create a password. You will then receive a validation email.
  3. Open the email and follow the instructions to validate your account.
Where do I get my activation code ?

This code will be given on the day of installation by the engineer; you can also call into Customer support to retrieve it: 0818 753 753.

When can I start using my PhoneWatch App?

You can use the PhoneWatch App 24 hours after you register your alarm on Mypages.

What can I do on the PhoneWatch App?

From your application you can:

  • Activate and deactivate your alarm system
    • Turn on and off your smart plugs and see their status at all times
    • See the temperature of your home
    • Add, modify and delete user codes, both permanent and 24 hours
    • Rename users
    • Contact the Customer Service in a single click
    • Update your keyholders, directions and verification words.
What do I do if I lost my password ?

In order to reset your password you need to visit Mypages, where you click lost your password and enter in your email address, a reset link will then be sent to your email address.

Can I have more than one alarm on the PhoneWatch App ?

Yes. Please login to on a laptop, computer, iPad or tablet. Go into panels, add panel and enter the activation code which is a series of numbers and letters you would have gotten from the engineer for the alarm system you would like to add. After 24 hours the system you have added to the PhoneWatch App will work via the App. 


What is the events tab on the PhoneWatch App ?

The events option allows you to see the alarms history from when your alarm was armed or 
disarmed using the code, keytag or PhoneWatch App.

How can I view the temperature of the sensors on my PhoneWatch App?

Your alarm system needs to be connected to broadband in order to view the temperature of your sensors. If you cannot see the temperatures however previously could, please check your broadband connection.  

If you need any assistance, chat to us on our live chat or by calling 0818 753 753. 

Do I need to be connected to Wi-Fi to use the PhoneWatch App ?

You will need to have connection to Wi-Fi or 3G/4G to use the PhoneWatch App.