PhoneWatch TC

Here you will find the assistance you need for your PhoneWatch TC system. This is our latest product line and comes from the supplier Honeywell.


PhoneWatch TC

Here you will find the assistance you need for your PhoneWatch TC system. This is our latest product line and comes from the supplier Honeywell.

Lifetime Warranty and Functional Guarantee Free technical support for life, free replacement if it breaks.
Easy-to-use Your devices can all be easily controlled by the PhoneWatch App, Remote Control, Keypad or Keytags.
Complete monitoring solution Advanced sensors detect burglary attempts, smoke & fire, all with immediate camera verification by our Alarm Receiving Centre.
Protection from fire aswell as burglary House alarm system come complete with a monitored smoke alarm, providing instant emergency service response to fire.
Easily Customisable You can add to our house alarm systems at any time. Adding Smart Home devices as you need.
System check Functioning of the alarm system is automatically checked each day.

PhoneWatch TC FAQ

Can I change batteries myself?

Batteries are €95 for up to 9 components or €150 for 9+ components. With our newest system, when we are alerted that a battery is running low we can post out the specific batteries you need.  


For further information about how to change batteries, you can access our page How to change batteries. 

If you need any assistance chat to us on our live chat or by calling 0818 753 753. 

How can I test my alarm?

We recommend to check your system eventually so we can ensure the correct transmission. Please keep in mind that you need to contact us first.


  1. Connect the alarm system and leave the house.

  2. Wait outside (3 minutes at least) so the alarm system can be activated correctly.

  3. Go inside without disarming the alarm. It will set off. Please move in front of the areas of the house you need to test. You can close doors and windows so the signal from the magnetics is tested as well.

  4. Wait for 30 seconds before disarming the alarm. Please be careful with the sound level as the siren is triggered very loud.

  5. Alarm central will contact you. They will ask you for the secret password so we can identify you correctly.


If you have not heard about us in 5 minutes, please contact us .

What do I do if I want my alarm system serviced?

Our Customer Support team can carry out a full Diagnostic Test on your alarm system. This test will include checking the arming and disarming functionality on the alarm. Checking the signals from the alarm panel, and checking the alarm for any faults with sensors.

If any faults are discovered that would require an on site visit our customer support team will arrange an appointment date with you.

If you need a full Diagnostic Test on your system you can contact us via chat

Will my alarm still work if I cancel my telephone line?

The PhoneWatch TC and the Domonial systems have GSM connection (similar to a SIM card) and Internet connection. There is no problem if you are going to change the telephone line. 


The GSM module is independent of your internet or landline connection. Even if you do not have as internet connection, the GSM will still work. 


Other systems may be GSM monitored or landline monitored – if you need to check this please contact before you make any changes to your service us via chat with your account number so we can confirm this for you. 


If your system is landline monitored, please ensure to contact us in advance of disconnecting, changing provider as this can affect our ability to monitor your system.  


If you need any assistance chat to us on our live chat or by calling 0818 753 753.

Will PhoneWatch contact me if electricity goes off?

In case of power outage, the internal battery of your alarm will keep it on. The Alarm Receiving Center will contact you in case the power is off for a long time.


Please remember the alarm will still work because of the internal battery of the Central Unit.


You can also activate notifications for the electrical issues in your telephone through PhoneWatch App settings.

Who can see the pictures taken by the PIR Motion Sensor with Camera?

PhoneWatch will protect your privacy. The Alarm Receiving Center will only have access to the pictures taken by the PIR Motion Sensor with Camera if that sets off the alarm. If the alarm is not activated or there is no alarm signal, the camera will not take any picture by itself. 


The images will be used solely as aids in the management of alarm activation. Thus, in order to evaluate and determine the cause of an activation. Only the Alarm Receiving Center Operators will have access to the images received. 

If you need any assistance, chat to us on our live chat or by calling 0818 753 753. 

I would like to know how to operate my alarm panel.

You will find a list of our alarm user manuals on our page User Manuals & Documents

Can I connect my alarm even if I have pets?

Yes, you can have pets when you have a home alarm. If you have pets under 18 kg, it would be enough to adapt the motion detectors to this. 

On the latest alarm types, such a pet adaptation can be done free of charge via remote programming from our technical department. For older alarm systems, the motion detectors must be replaced with pet-friendly detectors.

For more information about pet adaptation and shell protection, please contact our customer service via chat .

Why did the Alarm Receiving Centre not contact me when my alarm activated?

When your alarm is activated you should receive a response from our Alarm Receiving Center via phone or SMS. If this does not happen, there may be various reasons why your alarm system does not get in contact with the Alarm Receiving Center.


If that's the case please contact us through our chatbot Cara

Why does the error light come on my keypad?

If you see a warning light on your keypad, an error may have occurred in the alarm system. This could be due to a problem with the battery or power supply, for example, or because of a problem with sensor monitoring, an error with the GSM / GPRS or interferences.


The user manual that came with your alarm system will provide a more detailed description of what may be necessary measures to rectify a fault. In cases where the instruction manual does not answer what you are wondering about, we ask you to contact our customer support chat .

Am I responsible for checking my alarm system?

If you make any changes to the telephony system, you must inform us about this and test your alarm system. Before you go on a trip, it is appropriate to test the alarm. This should be done before your departure so that we can check possible issues.


All customers are otherwise responsible for testing the alarm regularly, preferably once a quarter. This is easily done by triggering the alarm and waiting for a call from the alarm station.


Please note: Never test the panic alarm.

What do I do if I have a battery fault?

Batteries are covered by a 3 year warranty from date of installation, if you have a battery fault please contact Customer Support where they can assess they reason for the fault.  


Batteries are considered consumables and are therefore not covered by the product warranty. There is a cost of €95 for 1-9 batteries and €150 for anything over 9 batteries. PhoneWatch's policy is to replace all batteries when one goes outside of warranty as, in our experience, when one starts to go they may all go in a short space of time.  We replace all batteries including your panel battery and then guarantee the batteries for 3 years so if one goes in this time-frame we replace it free of charge. 


Systems installed from 2014 may be applicable to receive batteries sent via post which you can change yourself. You can find battery change video tutorials on our page How to change batteries. 

If you need any assistance, chat to us on our live chat or by calling 0818 753 753. 

Can I arm the alarm while I'm at home?

Yes, you have part arm, which activates part of the alarm system, such as doors and windows. This depends on your alarms system setup.


It will be easier for you to have the alarm connected while you are at home, and it also ensures that you and your family are protected at night. This is also good if you have pets over 18kg. Both you and your pets can move freely in the home while the magnetic contacts secure your home.


If you want more information about this, contact our customer support chat .

Product specification

Supplier Honeywell
Wireless Yes
Ethernet Yes
Image verification Yes
Smoke detector Yes