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Can I arm the alarm while I'm at home?

Yes, you have the Part Arm mode, which activates part of the alarm system, such as doors and windows. This is made by using magnetic contacts. 

It will be easier for you to have the alarm connected while you are at home, and it also ensures that you and your family are protected at night. This is also good if you have pets over 18kg. Both you and your pets can move freely in the home while the magnetic contacts secure your home.


If you want more information about this, contact our Customer Support Chat.

Can I use my alarm if I have pets?

Yes, you can use your alarm if you have pets. Your alarm system will be installed to cater for pets under 18kg and ready for use straight away.

I would like to know how to operate my alarm panel.

You will find our alarm user manual for Smart Alarm System by clicking here.

There is renovation work taking place in my home. Is there anything I need to do ?

When you are renovating it is important that you contact us before you start the work. We will advise you what the best course of action is. This may involve organising an engineer visit to disassemble components.

• If you are carrying out renovations or moving furniture, make sure that you do not block or cover the components or the components’ line of sight.

• If you are painting, wallpapering or sanding it may be necessary to temporarily remove part of the alarm system to prevent damage or false activations.

Please Note
: If you disassemble components yourself, the product warranty does not apply. If you disassemble a component belonging to the alarm, an alarm is sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre. This will be noted by you as a normal alarm signal with a siren sound. If you are contacted by the alarm Receiving Centre, they will ask for your verification word.

You have different options to chat with us.

What do I do if I want my alarm system serviced?

Our Customer Support team can carry out a full Diagnostic Test on your alarm system. This test will include checking the arming and disarming functionality on the alarm. Checking the signals from the alarm panel, and checking the alarm for any faults with sensors.

If any faults are discovered that would require an on site visit our customer support team will arrange an appointment date with you.

If you need a full Diagnostic Test on your system you can contact us via chat. 

Will PhoneWatch contact me if electricity goes off?

In case of power outage, the Security Gateway has a battery backup and will keep your home safe. The Alarm Receiving Centre will contact you in case the power is off for a long time.

You can also activate notifications for the electrical issues in your telephone through PhoneWatch App settings.

How can I activate SOS alarm in an emergency event?

You have an three ways of activation for the SOS alarm in the event of an emergency. Alarm Receiving Centre identifies your location and takes immediate action.


• Take down portable unit from the wall. One handed emergency activation.


• Push the SOS buttonon keypad or remote control, always in the same place. Activate panic and SOS alarm by simple one-hand push.


• Activate SOS button in the PhoneWatch App. Can be used away from home or at home.


Can I change batteries myself?

Yes, if you have our newest alarm system, it is easy to change batteries, please check our battery page or contact us on our customer support chat.

What do I do if I have a battery fault?

You can order a battery service or you can change batteries by yourself.

Batteries are considered consumables and are therefore not covered by the product warranty. Chat with us for more information.

SAS components

Why does the error light come on my keypad?

f you see a warning light on your keypad, an error may have occurred in the alarm system.  This could be due to a problem with the battery or power supply, for example, or because of a problem with sensor monitoring, an error with the GSM/GPRS or interferences.

The user manual that came with your alarm system will provide a more detailed description of what may be necessary measures to rectify a fault. In cases where the instruction manual does not answer what you are wondering about, we ask you to contact our Customer Support Chat.

Why did the Alarm Receiving Centre not contact me when my alarm activated?

When your alarm is activated you should receive a response from our Alarm Receiving Centre via phone or SMS. If this does not happen, there may be various reasons why your alarm system does not get in contact with the Alarm Receiving Centre.


If that's the case please contact us through Customer Services Chat

How does the Camera Motion Detector work?

When the smart alarm system is armed and the sensor detects movement, the detector sends an alert to trigger alarm and camera transmits a picture to Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) for visual verification of the alarm. Also in case of other alarm types e.g. Fire alarm or SOS alarm the camera can be used by ARC to verify the Alarm.

What's the components operating temperature?

The operating temperature of our indoor components goes from 0°C to +55°C.

Outdoor siren operating temperature goes from -30°C to +70°C.

What are the functions of the Remote Control?

Remote control has 4 function buttons, which are:

 – long press on Arm key, all 4 LEDs lights on, and goes off, ARM key keeps light lit for 3 sec more and goes off.

Partial arming - long press on Stay key, all 4 LEDs lights on, and goes off, stay key keeps light lit for 3 sec more and goes off.

Disarming – long press on Disarm key, all 4 LEDs lights on, and goes off, Disarm key keeps light lit for 3 sec more and goes off.

 long press on SOS keys, all 4 LEDs lights on, and goes off, SOS keys keeps light lit for 3 sec more and goes off.


Am I responsible for checking my alarm system?

We always recommend that you perform a local system test every third month.

Please note: Never test the panic alarm.

For further information on how to perform a local system test, please contact PhoneWatch Customer Services Chat.

Will my alarm still work if I cancel my telephone line?

The Smart Alarm System has protected triple connection using 4G, WiFi and Ethernet. There is no problem if you are going to change the telephone line.

The 4G module is independent of your internet or landline connection. Even if you don't have internet connection, 4G will still work.

Do the police and emergency services respond to all home alarms, including the ones without photo verification?

Only alarm providers with certified Alarm Receiving Centre can guarantee immediate 24/7 response. Time is critical in emergency events and having photo verification of alarm event enables immediate dispatch of police, fire department or ambulance (not the case for home alarms without photo or video verification). 

Does the alarm system work wirelessly?

Yes, the only powered component of the smart alarm system is the Security Gateway, which is backed up with an emergency battery. The rest of devices are wireless and can be configured Over-The-Air, which means our Technical Support can access remotely and adjust the settings to your needs.