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Protect your home today with Ireland's most trusted home alarm system. With guaranteed instant response to your burglar and smoke alarms, discover why PhoneWatch takes care of more Irish homes than anyone else.

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House Alarm System Ireland

House Alarm System

The installation includes: 1 central control unit with GSM, 1 keypad, 2 PIR camera detectors, 1 smoke detector, 1 door contact, and any 2 other sensors of your choice. Also included: 1 bell box for the outside of your home, keytags to arm/disarm your alarm, and a smartphone app.


Business Alarm System Ireland

Business Alarm System

PhoneWatch provide an alarm system and service to businesses which will give you the confidence that your security is managed by the best in Ireland, leaving you free to run your business. Get in touch to find out more. 


Award winning home alarm

Our products

The PhoneWatch Home Safety System is a wireless alarm. 

Keypad Ireland


Simple, easy to use keypad. Allows you to arm/disarm the alarm system. Features an integrated panic button. The alarm system can be operated using either your 4 digit security code, or for added convenience using a simple swipe of the smart keytags.

PIR with camera Ireland

PIR Motion sensor with camera

Motion Sensors with PIR Cameras - A motion sensor with built- in camera reacts to temperature fluctuations caused by a person moving around. Once triggered, it takes photographs which are transmitted to our Alarm Receiving Centre. Fitted in protected zones in the home.

Door sensor Ireland

Door and window contact sensor

Magnetic contact sensor fit to doors or windows and detect opening and closing. Additional sensors can be added if required.

Keytags Ireland


For added convenience and simplicity, the keytag acts as a swipe card, allowing you to arm/disarm the alarm system with a simple swipe. Each system can have up to 10 keytags programmed.

Bellbox Ireland

Outdoor bellbox

Our decoy bellbox acts as a strong visual deterrent, making it known that your home is monitored 24/7 and protected by PhoneWatch.

Smart solutions Ireland


Control your lights and other domestic appliances from your smart phone using Smart Plugs that connect to the internet. Smart plugs are not part of our standard pack and are available as an additional component.

Remote control Ireland

Remote control

For quick and easy activation of your alarm or Smart Plugs. You can also use the panic button if faced with an emergency situation. The remote control is not part of the standard pack and can be added as an additional component.  

Glass detector Ireland

Glass break detector

Can be used as a complement to the contact sensors in order to protect your perimeter and secure the areas outside doors and windows.

Shock sensor Ireland

Shock sensor

Reacts to vibrations or strong shocks and can be used to complement contact sensors. The shock is not part of the standard pack but can be added as a sensor or your choice. 

Carbon monoxide alarm Ireland

Carbon monoxide alarm

Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Our carbon monoxide alarm is fully monitored and always on, even when your security alarm system is unarmed, your CO sensor can still send us signals. The carbon monoxide alarm is available as a sensor of your choice.

Smoke alarm Ireland

Smoke detector

Smoke detector - With a monitored smoke alarm, we can detect the start of a fire. Even if your security alarm system is unarmed, our smoke detector is always on and always monitored. If there is also a motion camera in the room, we can confirm a fire visually and will contact the Emergency Services.

Wireless alarm

Wireless alarm

Our wireless Home Safety System requires no wiring to sensors at your windows, doors or room areas. We can offer wireless contacts, wireless shock sensors, wireless PIR cams and wireless outside sirens as part of our wireless alarm system.

Alarm Installation Ireland

Book installation

To book your alarm installation, call us on: (01) 2135271. We can install quickly.

Our installation includes the full Home Safety System, where our fully trained Engineers will install the system to best suit your home and requirements. 

Our team of over 80 Engineers are located nationwide, so you will never have to wait long to get started!


PIR Camera Ireland

Designed for 24/7 monitoring

The difference with PhoneWatch is our service. Our alarm systems are designed to support the best alarm monitoring and emergency response. Our systems use PIR motion sensors with cameras to provide imagery to our Alarm Receiving Centre when triggered. This ensures the best possible response 24/7.

About the Home Safety System

Our Home Safety System is one of the most advanced security systems on the Irish market to ensure your home is always at its most secure. Our systems are designed to ensure the best levels of emergency response possible. Our sensors are wireless, so don’t have to worry about additional wiring being added. With more than 107,500 homes under our watch, nobody offers peace of mind better than PhoneWatch.

The system uses GSM sim cards, working over the mobile phone network so you don’t need to have a landline, saving you money. The system also features back-up battery power, so you don’t need to worry in the event of a power cut.

Home alarm system Ireland
Refer a Friend PhoneWatch Alarm System

Refer a Friend

Introduce a friend to PhoneWatch with €50 off installation for them. As a thank you from us, we'll apply three months free monitoring to your account! Call us on (01) 213 5271 or fill out the form and we'll be in touch. 

Moving House PhoneWatch Alarm System

Moving House

We have made it easy for you to move house. Install a new alarm system in your new home and leave existing facilities to the new owner, free of charge. Call us on (01) 582 3581  or fill out the form and we'll be in touch. 

Switch to PhoneWatch Home Alarm

Switch to PhoneWatch

Rejoining PhoneWatch is easy. We have some fantastic offers for you should you return to us. Plus the option to upgrade your system at a discounted rate. Call us on (01) 582 3581 or fill out the form and we'll be in touch.