Keep your apartment safe with PhoneWatch, just €250! Save €100! (RRP €350)

PhoneWatch's home security alarm systems offer you total peace of mind with a guaranteed instant response to your burglar and smoke alarms. 

Apartment Alarm System Ireland Apartment Alarm System Ireland

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The installation includes: 1 central control unit with GSM, 1 keypad, 1 PIR camera detector, 1 smoke detector, 1 door contact, and any 1 other sensor of your choice. Also included: 1 bell box for the outside of your home, keytags to arm/disarm your alarm and a free smartphone app.


What makes our Apartment alarm different from other alarms?

PIR cameras protection for your apartment Ireland

PIR motion sensors with cameras

PhoneWatch features the newest and best technology. Our system is designed to offer best immediate response, and so our PIR Motion Sensors feature built-in Cameras. PIR Cameras take snap-shot images when triggered giving instant visual confirmation of a break-in.

Arm your alarm easily Ireland

Arm with a simple swipe

PhoneWatch key tags are unique in the Irish market. Key tags are easy to use – no pins, just swipe. The key tags even link to our Smartphone App showing personalised key tag usage, perfect for parents to know that kids have arrived home from school safely.

Apartment smoke alarm

Smoke Alarm Included Ireland

PhoneWatch are unique in Ireland in offering more than a burglar alarm. A smoke alarm is included as standard, protecting your apartment from danger at all times. We dispatch the fire and ambulance services 4 times each day in Ireland, saving lives and making a real difference. A carbon monoxide alarm is also available as a sensor of your choice.

Apartment safety tips

Even if you are on a higher floor in an apartment and security may not seem as much of a concern, it's important to bear in mind security and fire safety tips.

  • Check the locks – invest in higher quality locks or deadbolts for your front door, and other doors such as those to balconies, and remember, the best lock is a locked one – always keep your doors locked.
  • Watch for ’tailgaters’ – be mindful of strangers who may try to gain entry to communal areas without security codes or being buzzed in, and report suspicious behaviour.
  • Have a fire escape plan – be aware of fire exits and plan your route out of the apartment building in the event of an emergency.
  • Lock doors and windows – even if your apartment is above the first floor, balcony doors and windows can still be used as access points.
  • Think about lighting – use timer switches when you’re away to make your apartment seem occupied.
Apartment safety tips and concerns
Apartment fire and carbon monoxide tips

  • Use fire doors – do not be tempted to use door stops to hold fire doors open as these play an important role in containing fires or smoke.
  • Don’t advertise – keep valuables away from windows or safety stored, particularly on lower floors, and use curtains or blinds to protect your privacy.
  • Install smoke and CO alarms – while many apartments feature communal smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, consider adding your own to your apartment for added peace of mind, monitored alarms ensure instant response.
  • Report maintenance issues – notify your management company of issues in communal areas, report security doors and gates should they malfunction, and that lights in common areas are in working order.
  • Don’t use balconies for storage – keeping bikes and other property on the balcony is not a guarantee of safety, lock your bike as you would elsewhere.
  • Watch the time – the key time for burglaries in apartments is during the day as they tend to be unoccupied more regularly during working hours than houses.
  • Install an alarm – consider installing a monitored burglar alarm, figures show that a home equipped with a PhoneWatch monitored alarm is 4 times safer than the national average.