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Latest technology in home security

Since the first electro-magnetic Alarm System was invented in 1853, Home Security Systems technology has been improving year by year. Nowadays, the Home Security Systems are more sophisticated and smarter. How far can the technology go to secure your house in the best way possible?

Smart home security systems

Smart Concept applies to many products we use in everyday life - smartphones, smart watches, smart home devices, and many more. Did you know your Home Security System can be Smart as well?

Smart Home Security System is an alarm system where all the devices are connected together via app to ensure the best protection of your property. These devices are connected with your smartphone so that you can monitor your alarm status from anywhere in the world. Having your security system connected to an app gives you new opportunities on how to easily control your alarm system, change settings and have an overview of your home safety.


Use your Smartphone to Control your Alarm

With the alarm app you can see the current status of your home security system, when it was last turned on and off and you can even arm or disarm it all from your smartphone.


Events Log History

When you have your app installed, you can see all the log of events, you can easily monitor the user activity and, moreover, you can also turn your alarm on and off from your phone.


Get Notifications

With the app installed, you can allow notifications to show up on your phone once your alarm status changes. This allows you to monitor the alarm activity when your alarm is turned on or off.


Monitor the Temperature

The app allows you to keep an eye on temperature at your home. Thanks to the PIR Motion sensor with a built in camera, you can easily check the current temperature fluctuations in individual rooms 24/7.


Control your lighting with Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs give you the ability to control your lighting and domestic appliances using your smartphone from anywhere in the world. With the Smart Plug, you can turn your lights on and off via the app, time your lighting to turn on or off at set times.

Smart home
Control your lighting

Control your lighting

Control your Lights from your Smartphone


Link your Smart Plugs with your Alarm and you can instantly control your lighting or other small domestic appliances remotely when you are not at home.


Connect your Lights to your Alarm System


For added safety and security, you can link your smart plugs to your alarm system activations. You can set your lighting to instantly illuminate once the fire alarm is triggered, lighting your path to the exits from your home.


Time your Lights for darker evenings


Once of the useful security features about Smart Plugs is that you can set a time of day when the lights will automatically illuminate individual rooms. This feature is handy for darker evenings.


If you want to maximize your security of your home, there are additional products of PhoneWatch to help you to protect & monitor your house at a high standard - PIR Motion sensor, Door and Window Contact Sensors or Shock Sensor. To easily control your home security system devices, use the remote-control panels or keypads to arm or disarm the alarms and to control the temperature and lighting from a distance. The keypad comes with Police, Ambulance and Fire buttons.


If you are looking for a new Home Security System provider, contact PhoneWatch - the leading Safety & Security System provider in Ireland for more information. For existing clients, download the PhoneWatch App from the App Store or Google Play.