Halloween Safety Tips

Keep your home safe this Halloween

In Ireland, from the times the clock change at Halloween, burglary rates increase by 31% due to the darker evenings. Burglary is predominantly an opportunistic crime, with burglars targeting homes that appear vulnerable. Make sure yours is not the odd one out by taking simple steps to greatly reduce the risks, making you and your home more safe and secure this Halloween.

Halloween Home Safety

  • Close your windows & lock your doors: It might seem obvious but a third of all burglars enter houses through the front door. Install a secondary locking system on front and back doors to be extra vigilant.
  • Light up: The most common time for a burglary is between 5pm and 11pm. During this time you should make sure your home is well lit. Use timed switches if you are not going to be at home.
  • Don’t update social media with your plans if away from home.
  • Don’t Advertise: Keep valuable possessions away from the windows and keep curtains and blinds closed to make sure a burglar isn’t drawn to your home.
  • Sleep tight: With half of all burglaries occurring while people are at home, it is just as important to lock your doors while you are at home.
  • Be fire conscious: Halloween is a time for lighting candles, never leave a flame unattended, and always use candle holders.
  • Don’t keep spare keys outside: - instead ensure your neighbour has a spare set for emergencies.
  • Alarm your Home: PhoneWatch customers are four times less likely to be the victim of a burglary.

Safety Tips for Children

  • It's important to keep your children safe when you go out trick or treating!
  • Be safe and be seen: if trick-or-treating after dark, be sure to light up and keep everyone visible to traffic or other road users
  • Children's costumes can be highly flammable: Make sure children stay away from candles, fires or exposed flames. 
  • Always go out with your children: Parents should always accompany their children when out on Halloween night.
  • Keep away from fireworks: never allow children to use fireworks which may be dangerous and could cause injury.
  • Children should never go into a stranger’s house: It's important to bear this mind, and let children know in advance.
  • Plan your route in advance: Plan a path that is well-lit and always use footpaths.
  • Stay in a group: Communicate to children about where they will be going.
  • Cross roads at traffic lights: Never cross between parked cars or out of driveways. Drivers may have trouble seeing trick-or-treaters. If one car stops, that doesn’t mean other cars will.
  • Obey all traffic: While out walking be careful of increased traffic. 
  • Be alert while driving: On Halloween, being alert while driving is important, trick-or-treaters who are excited may move in unpredictable ways.