Smart Home Products

Water Leakage Detector

Be alerted of leaks before they cause costly damage

Smart Home Products

Water Leakage Detector

Be alerted of leaks before they cause costly damage

Extremely sensitive Sensor picks up tiny amounts of water.
Compact design Fits under your sink, washing machine, dishwasher or bath.
Water-activated notifications Sends alerts to our Alarm Receiving Centre when a leak is detected.
Connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre For immediate response 24/7.
Prevent mould damage Increases in air moisture detected, and mould damage prevented.
Hassle-free installation Professional installation by our safety experts.
Lifetime Warranty and Functional Guarantee Free technical support for life, free replacement if it breaks.

Spot leaks before they cause costly damage

From collapsing ceilings to blackened basements, water leaks can be one of the most expensive and hard to detect threats to your home. They can take months to repair and moisture and mildew can cause health problems. Our detectors pick up tiny amounts of water and alert you and us before significant damage is done. 

Highly accurate detection of even small amounts of water and humidity changes

Compact design fits in all areas of your home

Water-activated notifications to our Alarm Receiving Centre

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Dimensions 9 x 4 x 3cm
Operating temperatures 0-40°C
Operating humidity Below 20% RH or above 70% RH are default settings
Sabotage protection Built-in alarm triggered by manipulation and vandalism.
Wireless connectivity 868Mhz radio, with adaptive radio jamming detection.
Power Built-in batteries Lithium CR123

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