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We want to make it simple for you, so we have prepared this page to help you during your first steps with PhoneWatch. Here you will find the basic information for new customers. Please feel free to contact us via chat or check our FAQ list if you have any questions about your new alarm system. 

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If you do not find your answers among our FAQ list , then you can reach out to us through our digital channels: Webchat and Facebook. We will always be available for you to answer all your questions.

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Find out all the information on how to understand your invoice. A full breakdown of your invoice can be found on the invoice page. You can also choose the payment method that suits you the best.

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Chatbot Cara

PhoneWatch App

Learn how to use the PhoneWatch App. After creating your account, you can control your alarm from the comfort of your phone! This means you can arm / disarm your alarm at any time, whether you're at home or away! Visit our page and learn how to use the PhoneWatch App.

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Frequently asked questions for new customers

What are PhoneWatch contact details ?

Customer Support call: 0818 753 753 


Whatsapp: 0861801344 

Postal address: 


Floors 3-5, Block 1 

Irish Life Centre 

Lower Abbey Street 

Dublin 1 

How can I get my customer account number ?

Please email with your name, address, phone number stating you’d like to retrieve your account number. 

If you need any assistance, chat to us on our live chat or by calling 0818 753 753. 

How can I add another account holder name to my account ?

Please email confirming your name, address, and account number, and phone number. Please confirm your spouse’s name advising you would like to add them as a named account holder.  Please note, you may be contacted by phone to confirm your verification word. For security purposes, please do not include this word in your email.


If I move house, can I bring the alarm system with me ?

We advise that you leave your alarm system in your old home as we offer a number of discounts to existing customers interested in installing an alarm system into their new home.  

Click here for more information or call 01 5823581 to speak to one of our experienced sales team. 

Are you licensed by the PSA ?

Yes, we are licensed by the Private Security Authority. Click here to view our  license.

Can I avail of monitoring without maintenance ?

We provide one level of service for all customers which includes monitoring and maintenance. Your monthly fee includes the maintenance of your alarm.

How will I receive my first invoice after my installation?

Your first invoice is always a paper invoice that is sent to you by mail. The first invoice contains any installation costs and components and your first subscription period. Due date is always 30 days after the installation date, however if you have set up a direct debit, the date you have chosen will be populated on your invoice.  


For a full explanation of your invoice please click here 

If you need any assistance, chat to us on our live chat or by calling 0818 753 753. 

Will changing my landline have an effect on my alarm?

Yes – if your system is landline monitored. Changing/removing your landline can affect the functionality of your alarm, and we may no longer be able to receive your alarm signals following any activation. This is not the case with every alarm system, however we recommend checking with our Customer Support team before making any changes.  

To check if your system is landline monitored you can chat to a member of our team here on our live chat or by calling 0818 753 753. 

How do I know that my alarm equipment is GDPR compliant?

Here at PhoneWatch, we take the security of our customers and of our alarm systems very seriously.  All our hardware has undergone extensive technical security testing to ensure its safety.  No unauthorized third parties can remotely access the hardware, and all our data is encrypted to the highest standard.  This is something we review regularly to ensure the continued safety of our customers. 

Still have questions? No problem, let us help you.