Intelligent Technology
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Join the Smart Home Security revolution!

The PhoneWatch Home Safety System is among the most advanced home alarm systems on the market. Offering you total control of your Alarm System directly from your Smartphone or tablet. 

Use the PhoneWatch App to arm or disarm your Alarm, or to control lighting in the home via our Smart Plugs. The system offers you total control of your home safety system from anywhere in the world, all while safe in the knowledge that PhoneWatch are also monitoring your home 24/7 should anything happen.

Control your lighting with our Smart Plugs

Our PhoneWatch Smart Plugs give you full control of your lighting and other small appliances from anywhere in the World. With the Smart Plug, you can turn your lights on/off instantly using the App, time your lighting to turn on or off at set times, handy for those darker evenings. You can even link the Smart Plug to your Alarm, meaning that should your intruder alarm be triggered, your lights will instantly illuminate, or should your fire alarm be triggered, your lights will illuminate and guide you to safety. 

Control your lighting from your app
App to control your alarm

Control your Alarm from your Smartphone

Arm and disarm your PhoneWatch system from anywhere in the World! With the PhoneWatch App you can see the current status of your home security system, when it was last switched off or on and you can even arm or disarm it all from the palm of your hand.

The PhoneWatch App is available for our new PhoneWatch Home Safety System (Honeywell System) only. 

Available in the App Store and Google Play.

Event log for your alarm

Event Log

View the current status of your alarm in our PhoneWatch App and see a recent log of events. You can also turn your alarm on and off easily and monitor different user activity in the PhoneWatch App. Each tag can be personalised, so you can see who armed and disarmed the alarm on the PhoneWatch App.

Smartphone notifications for your alarm

Smartphone Notifications

When you install our PhoneWatch App, you can choose within your phone settings to allow push notifications when your alarm status changes. This allows you to see when your alarm is turned on or off or when teenagers are home from school!

Monitor your alarm temperature

Monitor the Temperature

Keep an eye on the temperature in your home! With the Phonewatch App, you can read the temperature in rooms containing a PIR camera, allowing you to keep a close eye on individual room temperatures!

Control your alarm from your phone

Control your lights from your smartphone

Instantly control your lighting or other small appliances using the Smart Plug and the PhoneWatch App. Remotely control your lighting from anywhere in the World, switching lights on/off in an instant for added peace of mind while away from your home.

Connect your Lights to your Alarm System

Unlike other smart plugs, our Smart Plugs can be programmed to link to your alarm activations for added safety and security. For example, you can set your lighting to instantly illuminate should your fire alarm be triggered, lighting your path to the exits from your home.

Time your Lights for those darker evenings

Your PhoneWatch Smart Plugs can be programmed to illuminate at set times each day, a useful security feature, particularly on those darker winter evenings. The schedule via your personalised PhoneWatch MyPages website.