What is the best
home security system?

Best Home Security

When looking for the best home security system, there are many different features to compare. One of those can be ease of use, ease of installation, technology required, customer reviews, customer service and price. Your deciding can depend on your home space and your budget.

Key features of the best home security system

Modern Home Security Systems should be smart, quick to react and easy to use. All these features are present at PhoneWatch Security Systems. We connected technology and intelligence to protect your home at the highest standard which allows us to be No. 1 of the Home Security & Safety industry in Ireland.


To ensure you choose the best home security system provider to fulfil your needs, make sure your provider offers Alarm Monitoring Service. This service typically includes:

  •         Service and Maintenance
  •         Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector
  •         Wireless Components
  •         Medical Alert Keyfob
  •         Keyholder Alert
  •         Pet Features
  •         Temperature Monitoring
  •         Break-in Service
  •         Technical Support
  •         Local Engineers
  •         No need for a landline
  •         Emergency Services
  •         24/7 Customer Service
Smart home
Control your lighting

Smart technology – connected home

Smart Home Security Systems are those which are wisely connected with your smartphone via the app. By having your alarm system devices linked to your phone allows you to monitor your alarm current status, arm or disarm the system, control the temperature in individual rooms or set up lightening in darker evenings. All these features were developed to maximise your home security. Products such as Smart Plugs or PIR Motion sensor with camera built in are devices which help you to have a more control above your property safety especially when you are not currently at home. PIR sensor reacts to temperature fluctuations caused by a person moving around. When the sensor is triggered, it takes photographs which are instantly transmitted to our Alarm Receiving Centre.

Extra security features

Being at the top of the game, there are extra security features which make the home security system the best. One of those features is the possibility to control your alarm system remotely by using a remote-control panel or a keypad which allow you to arm or disarm the alarm system simply by pressing a button. These control keypads give an extra option of integrated panic button in case of an emergency situation or feature of easy-to-call Police, Ambulance and Firemen.

Home security system certification

The fact that your security system provider is certified to offer its service & products is a crucial fact to rely on. Nobody wants to be scammed or protected by non-functional alarm system. Make sure you check your future provider before purchasing any service or product.

PhoneWatch is a recognised and certified company offering safety & security products and services in Ireland and worldwide. PhoneWatch’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is certified to the European Standard EN50518 - the highest level standard an ARC can receive. The Phonewatch ARC certification is under PSA 33 which is a license issued by the Private Security Authority in Ireland.