Home Safety Tips
from PhoneWatch

How to keep your home safe

Keep your home safe

See our other handy tips to keep your home safe, whether you're at home or away!

  • Keep windows closed when not at home: One in four burglars enter through an open door or window in the summer, so lock up and light up.
  • Do not update social media or Facebook about your plans when you are going away on holiday. Instead, wait till you are back to upload your holiday pics.
  • Arm your alarm: Gardaí advise you to turn on your house alarm, even when you are home. With a large number of break-ins occurring in the middle of the night, it's important you get protection even when you're in the home.
  • Keep valuables out of plain sight: Ensure expensive items such as computers, tablets, phones or jewellery are out of plain sight or stored in safes or other inconspicuous and secure locations. Also be mindful of car keys as potential targets.

Nominate a neighbour

We advise our customers to nominate a “holiday housemate” if you are planning a break. According to Eoin Dunne, PhoneWatch Managing Director, the most important step to avoiding a holiday burglary is “maintaining an appearance that your home is occupied. Housing estates are often scouted in advance for signs that families are away. Families and neighbors can support each other by acting as a holiday housemates, and keeping your home looking occupied while empty. ” A holiday housemate could spend as little as ten minutes a day minding your home and still make a huge difference. While it is not always possible to have a full time house sitter, there are a number of things your holiday housemate can do to make your house less attractive to a would-be burglar:

  • Keeping post clear from the letter box and front door
  • Watering plants at the front and back
  • Parking a car in the driveway for a few hours
  • Putting out the bins and taking them in on the same day
  • Acting as a nominated key holder  to your monitored alarm provider

These actions, coupled with a functioning monitored alarm system, ensure that your home does not stand out as an attractive target for burglars. Householders should also consider the fitting of smart plugs, allowing lights to be controlled remotely or by timers. ”

Garden security tips

Homeowners are being warned to take extra measures to protect their gardens. Tools, gardening equipment and bicycles are some of the most commonly stolen items from garden sheds. Garden tips are below:

  • Lock away sheds and bicycles: Sheds left open and bicycles left unsecured in gardens are easy targets for the burglar. Remind children to lock their bicycles when not in use. 
  • Cut the grass: Overgrown grass can make a house look empty!
  • Prune trees and shrubs that may have grown more quickly in the summer for clearer views, large bushes can also act as a hiding place for thieves.
  • Install security lighting in the garden: Good security lighting may act as a deterrent to potential burglars.