Benefits of monitored home alarm systems

Published: June 20, 2023 by  Marguerite Cotter

Home alarm systems offer several benefits that can enhance your home security and safety.

The benefits of monitored home alarm systems all focus primarily around the enhancement of your home security and safety. This gives you both protection and peace of mind. Burglaries increased by 10% in Ireland in 2022. Its more important than ever to have an effective home security posture.

Home alarm systems may generally be categorised into 2 options – self monitored and monitored alarms. Self-monitoring is where you essentially install and monitor your own home alarm system. Monitored home alarm systems usually involve installation and monitoring of the alarm system by a professional security company. PhoneWatch is the leading home alarm system provider in Ireland protecting over 118,000 homes every day. PhoneWatch install and monitor home alarm systems 24/7 and can tailor packages specific to your homes particular needs.


Here are some key benefits of monitored home alarm systems:


  1. Deter Burglars

The presence of a visible alarm system, such as security cameras, alarms, or a bellbox, acts as a deterrent to potential burglars. Studies have shown that criminals are less likely to target homes with visible security systems.

All standard PhoneWatch alarm packs come with a bellbox which is erected outside the home as well as stickers to place on windows. This lets everyone know the home is protected by PhoneWatch.


  1. Protection against home break-ins

Home alarm systems provide an immediate alert if an unauthorized entry or break-in occurs. The loud siren or alarm can scare off intruders and attract attention from neighbours or authorities. This increases the chances of burglars getting caught in the act.

When one triggers a PhoneWatch house alarm then a loud siren is emitted. You will then be notified on your connected device. Our alarm monitoring team will immediately contact you to investigate further and contact the emergency services if required.


  1. Fire and smoke detection


Some home alarm systems include smoke detectors and fire alarms. These devices can detect smoke or high levels of heat and trigger an alert. This allows you and emergency services to respond promptly, potentially saving lives and minimizing property damage.

PhoneWatch alarm packs come with a smoke detector as part of our standard pack. This allows us to protect our customers against both fire and burglary. If smoke is detected by the detector, then our monitoring team will immediately be notified and respond.


  1. Remote monitoring and control

Modern home alarm systems often come with smartphone apps that allow you to remotely monitor and control your alarm system. You can arm or disarm the system, receive real-time alerts, view security camera footage, and even control smart home devices, enhancing convenience and peace of mind. In this way false alarms are also easily detected e.g when a pet triggers the alarm by accident.

Unlike other alarm companies in Ireland, we offer a complete in-house solution, we do not outsource our monitoring. We respond to over 670,000 alarm activation's each year, in an average of 15 seconds. PhoneWatch also responds to over 16,700 smoke and carbon activation's annually.


  1. Emergency response

Many home alarm systems are connected to a monitoring service that can automatically contact the Gardai or emergency services when an alarm is triggered. This ensures a quick response in the event of a break-in, medical emergency, or fire even if you're not at home or unable to make the call yourself.


  1. Home Insurance discounts

Installing a home alarm system may mean you can receive a discount on your home insurance premium. Insurance providers often offer discounts for homes equipped with home security systems. This is because they reduce the risk of burglary, vandalism, and property damage.


  1. Peace of mind

Knowing that a reliable alarm system is protecting your home can significantly reduce anxiety providing a sense of security. Whether you're at home or away, you can have confidence that your property and loved ones are better protected.


It's worth noting that the specific features and benefits of home alarm systems may vary depending on the system you choose. sot's important to research different options and consider your specific security needs before making a purchase. If you're be interested in a monitored home alarm system please contact us for a personalised quote.


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