What’s in a home alarm kit and how to choose the best one

Published: July 06, 2023 by  Marguerite Cotter

A home alarm kit is a security system adapted to your home and your needs.

A home alarm kit typically includes a combination of security devices combining to protect your home from burglary and emergencies. The specific components may vary depending on the manufacturer and the package you choose. PhoneWatch, as Irelands leading house alarm system, have detailed some common elements you might find in a home alarm kit.


Why choose a home alarm kit?

House Alarm kits secure your home against burglary. PhoneWatch’s house alarm kit goes a step further and protects you against fire as well with a smoke detector included in all standard packs. Usually, glass break and contact detectors, motion detectors, and smoke detectors are installed in sensitive and vulnerable areas of your home.

When choose a house alarm kit, many will have to choose between a monitored alarm system and unmonitored alarm system which are often DIY solutions. One of our recent blogs details the difference between monitored vs self-monitored house alarm systems. PhoneWatch offer a monitored house alarm to our customers and there are many benefits of a monitored house alarm. In addition to the traditional advantages of a standard alarm kit, monitored house alarm kits connect directly with a security professional whether you are facing an burglar or additionally fire if using PhoneWatch.

Our connected home alarm kit allows you to connect detectors to the following:

  • A 24/24 monitoring centre that boasts an alarm response in 15 seconds in case one of your detectors is triggered.
  • A connected keypad to arm and disarm the alarm at your will
  • Personalized keytags for all family members. Easy to use, they allow you to instantly activate and deactivate the detectors of your home alarm.
  • An interactive PhoneWatch smartphone app that sends you notifications and allows you to interact with your alarm system. In case of intrusion or suspicious movements, our sensors send an alert signal to our monitoring station.


What is a home alarm kit?

A home alarm kit involves different products that work together ensuring your home security and keeping your loved ones safe on a daily basis. They usually come in two offerings – wireless home alarm kits and wired home alarm kits. Generally, wireless home alarm kits are the preferred option for homeowners for aesthetic reasons. However, some components of your alarm system may be wired such as your security camera’s due to the power usage they require and need to be “always on”. The products that make up the alarm kit can often be customised to your requirements.


What is in a house alarm kit?

Each device in the house alarm kit meets a very specific need and all are connected to the alarm’s control panel. Among the components of the kit are:

  • An indoor siren  - which emits an audible signal in case of intrusion.
  • An alarm control panel - which coordinates the alarm kit system.
  • CCTV Surveillance cameras and camera motion detector - they continuously film your home and record the images that will be transmitted directly to your smartphone or computer.
  • Motion detectors - they inform if abnormal movements which may suggest attempted burglary are taking place outside and inside your home.
  • Contact detectors - they inform you if one of your entrances (door or window) is forced. They also detect impacts and vibrations.
  • Smoke detectors - they are used to prevent the risk of fire by detecting early smoke and the rise in temperature of the room.
  • Alarm keytags - they allow each member of the household to be able to activate or deactivate the alarm system according to the comings and goings in the house.
  • A keypad - they allow you to activate or deactivate the alarm system with a passcode.


How does a house alarm kit work?

The alarm kit is based on the connection of the following 3 systems:

  • Detectors which are responsible for detecting unusual behaviour and other anomalies.
  • The alarm panel that receives the alert signal from the detectors and triggers the siren.
  • The players and controls that are there to adjust the different parameters and sensitivities of these detectors. This is important if you have a pet or dog in the home.


How to install a house alarm?

Although it is possible to install wireless detectors quite easily, it is still best to hire a security professional to install your alarm.

A security professional will be able to analyze the specific needs of your home and place the right products in the right place to minimize the risk of burglary.

PhoneWatch’s connected home alarm kit offers you peace of mind from having your home security managed by our professional alarm monitoring service. If you require further information why not check out - how a monitored alarm system safeguards your home.


From house alarm systems to tailored home security, PhoneWatch create and install alarm systems to match your budget and give you peace of mind. We are trusted by over 118,000 homes in Ireland to keep them safe every day. Get a personalised home security quote today.

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